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2014 FIFA World Cup: Tuesday Results: Uruguay,Greece, Columbia Win

Costa Rica 0 – England 0
It’s always a surprise when England doesn’t advance in the World Cup tournament. But to see them not win a game in group play, that’s even more of a shock. After the 0-0 draw on Tuesday afternoon, Costa Rica showed to be getting in even better form as they get ready to advance to the Group Of 16 as the top seed in Group D. This is the best that Costa Rica has ever done in the tournament, and they’ll look to prove that they are deserving of their current 50/1 odds. They will play next against Greece, who also advanced on Tuesday evening.

Italy 0 – Uruguay 1
While the first game in Group D was a back and forth struggle with no difference in the outcome, that wasn’t the case in the second match. Instead, Italy and Uruguay were both playing for the second seed in the group, which Uruguay won with a 1-0 score. This is the second tournament in a row that Italy has been sent home without advancing to the Round Of 16, after winning the entire tournament 8 years ago. This game looked like it could’ve gone to a draw as both teams went back and forth, but Diego Godin scored on a header off a corner kick at the 81’ mark. Italy would but on pressure late and there was five minutes of stoppage time added, but it simply wasn’t enough and they’ll be packing their bags. Despite Costa Rica winning the group and Uruguay just barely getting in, the Uruguayan team has better odds at 28/1. Uruguay will play Colombia on Saturday. You can check back with sportspicks.com handicappers for more information about these games before they kick off in the coming days.

Greece 2 – Ivory Coast 1
Ivory Coast came back in their game against Japan for a stunning win. However, they were unable to match that excitement the rest of the tournament and after their 2-1 loss to Greece, they’ll be headed home. This may be one of the more surprising outcomes thus far in the tournament. Greece started out quite poorly with a 3-0 loss to Columbia and salvaged a 0-0 draw against Japan for their second game. But with their 2-1 win on Tuesday, they’ll be advancing on just 4 points. Greece currently sits at 80/1 odds to win the World Cup, but they’ll have quite the challenge as they play against Costa Rica.

Japan 1 – Columbia 4
As Greece was beating Ivory Coast, Japan would’ve needed a win by a huge margin over Columbia if they had hoped to advance to the Round Of 16. Instead, the Columbians continued their dominance and won their third game of group play. They finish with a 3-0 record in Group C and have the top seed. The Columbians scored 9 goals in three games and only allowed 2. That difference of 5 goals is the tied for the first-best goal differential in the World Cup with the Netherlands. Jackson Martinez had two goals on Tuesday and James Rodriguez’s three goals in group play is tied for second-best in the tournament thus far.

Wednesday’s games will include Group F action as Iran hopes to beat Bosnia for a chance to advance to the Round of 16. They’ll also need help from Argentina, who will play Nigeria. If Nigeria gets the win, they’ll not only stun one of the top teams in the tournament, but they’ll also get the top seed from Group F. The second set of games will pit France against Ecuador, as both teams look for the first spot in Group E. Switzerland is hoping that they can beat Honduras and that Ecuador loses, which will help them advance as well.