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2014 NBA Trade Deadline Moves- Danny Granger for Evan Turner

The NBA trade deadline has come and gone and big names like Pau Gasol, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love are still with their respective teams. And while there wasn’t a true blockbuster deal that rocked headlines, there were enough transactions that could affect teams throughout the rest of the season. Here is a look at some of the transactions that went down and what it means for teams that have given up on the year or for those that are looking to make a playoff push.

Quite possibly the biggest trade of the day included Danny Granger going to Philadelphia in exchange for Evan Turner. Despite Granger’s lack of production over the last few years, he was once the star of the Pacers franchise just a few years ago. Now that Paul George has burst into that roll, they figured it was time to get rid of Granger. Evan Turner is a former lottery pick who has failed to meet his potential in Philly. However, now that he will be surrounded by top talent like George, Roby Hibbert, George Hill and Lance Stephenson, he may be able to be a great accent player for this team. The real loser in this one is Granger, who left the east-leading Pacers, a team he’s stuck with when they were among the worst in the league, to join a basement-dwelling 76ers squad.

The team that had the most transactions on Thursday was the Denver Nuggets. Their first trade was to send Jordan Hamilton to the Rockets for Aaron Brooks. Brooks will be needed, considering the other trade that the Nuggets made was to get rid of Andre Miller. The Nuggets are short at the point position, especially with Nate Robinson out and Ty Lawson getting heavy minutes in what seems to be a lost season. Now that they have Brooks, he can add experience to help this Nuggets team finish out the season as best possible. Jordan Hamilton has averaged 16 points per game, which will be a welcome addition to Houston team that already looks like they could challenge in the West. This is another key player to join Dwight Howard and James Harden. As for Andre Miller, he ended up in Washington in a three person deal that involved the Wizards, Nuggets and 76ers. In exchange for Miller, the Nuggets get Jan Vesely and the 76ers get Eric Maynor out of the deal. Despite the Nuggets starting the season as 30-1 odds to win the NBA Championship, this has been a lackluster year and they now sit at 350-1 with a 25-28 record.

Longtime Laker Steve Blake was traded to Golden State, where he’ll look to add experience to a young team that is hoping for a second half push in the West. The Warriors have tons of talent, though they haven’t quite been able to generate anything special thus far. Golden State is still fluttering at 20-1 favorites, after starting the season at 25-1. As for the Lakers, considering they failed to land a big name like Kevin Love before the deadline, getting rid of Blake just shows how much they’ve given up on the year.

Brooklyn is in the middle of a push in the East, but apparently they figured that Jason Terry was potentially just weighing them down. They traded the experienced point guard to the Kings in exchange for Marcus Thornton. Terry hasn’t been much of a threat for the Nets this year, nor has Thornton been for the Kings. Therefore this may have been a wash of a deal. Despite starting the year at 12-1 to win it all, the Nets currently sit at 65-1. However, they have been playing well in 2014.

The less interesting trades of the day included the Clippers sending Byron Mullens to the 76ers for a second-round pick, the Spurs trading Nando Del Colo to the Raptors for Austin Daye,  Antwan Jamison also getting traded from the Clippers, Charlotte and Milwaukee switching Luke Ridnour and Gary Neal for Ramon Sessions and Jeff Adrien, and the Heat getting rid of Roger Mason for a second-round pick from the Kings.

Even if some of the players we expected to move didn’t, every trade in the NBA has the potential to make an impact on the league. Keep an eye out for how Evan Turner fits in now that he’s in Indiana. There is a possibility that he still has some of the magic that was in him while he was at Ohio State, and he simply didn’t have enough pieces around him in Philly. Now that he has a better supporting cast, we’ll look to see if that does anything for him.

You can expect to see most of these players suit up for their new teams this weekend, so we’ll get an idea of how the transactions shake out.