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2014 Sugar Bowl Oklahoma VS Alabama -15 Points

While fans in Auburn and Tallahassee are excited to see their teams play in the National Championship, Alabama has been a team that has almost been overlooked since their surprise upset by the Tigers just a few weeks ago. However, one team that won’t be overlooking them is the Oklahoma Sooners, when the two play in the All State Sugar Bowl on January 2nd.

This is obviously not the game the Crimson Tide hoped to be in when bowl games were announced. They have won the last two BCS Championships, and another win this year would’ve been four of the last five. And while the Sugar Bowl is certainly nothing to scoff at, it’s not quite the goals of the Crimson Tide players and therefore we’ll have to keep an eye out to see how motivated these players are to give their all in this one.

Some people argue that it would’ve been a better matchup to see the Baylor Bears play against the Crimson Tide, considering the Bears are ranked sixth in the nation and won the Big 12. The Sooners rank 11th and have a 10-2 record. However, the Bears will be playing UCF in the Fiesta Bowl, while the Sooners their chance at a big time SEC school. OU coach Bob Stoops has been caught saying before that he doesn’t think the SEC deserves the credit it gets, so now will be his time to show if that’s true.

The Alabama and OU game is likely to be one of the most interesting of the bowl season. We’re looking at an Alabama squad that will have to find everything in them to not lose interest and motivation in the weeks leading up to the game. Furthermore, they have been dealing with issues with whether or not coach Nick Saben is interested in a job at Texas or not. Then you have Oklahoma, who would love a huge win over a squad like Alabama.

Just when Bowl Season is underway and starting to wrap up, the Oklahoma Sooners and Alabama Crimson Tide are going to give a game that should be full of top notch entertainment and fast paced football action.

Thursday, January 2, 2014 (Times shown in Central Standard Time)
SUGAR BOWL @ Superdome – New Orleans, LA