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Free Week 13 NFL Pick, Game Odds and Preview

After the games played on Thanksgiving Day and the madness of Black Friday, it’s time to sit back in your chair and watch some great NFL games on Sunday that could have huge implications on the playoff picture.

After getting blown out last weekend, and exposed quite badly on defense against a mediocre Arizona offense, the Colts will look to try and get a win against the Titans this weekend. Despite the blowout last weekend, the Colts still find themselves atop a weak AFC South division. The Titans, on the other hand, are 5-6 and two games behind the Colts. A win this weekend for the Titans would turn things around and put the teams just one game apart with only four weeks left in the regular season. These two teams played just two weeks ago in a game that the Colts won 30-27. The Titans were winning throughout majority of the game, until Andrew Luck pulled a fourth quarter comeback out of his hat. The Colts are a four-point favorite going in to Sundays game. But with as much as the Titans need this one, they’ll look to surprise the Colts much like the Cardinals did last weekend.

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The Jaguars have won two of their last three games and have the potential to get another one on Sunday against the Browns. At 4-7, the Browns have lost their last two and five of their last six after a three game winning streak earlier this season. There may not be much interest in this game in terms of playoff importance, but a win for the Jags would be a major moral victory. Especially considering they play the Texans next weekend, a team they beat last weekend 13-6. The Browns are a touchdown favorite in this one, but there aren’t too many other storylines of importance with how this one will play out.


The Panthers will look to keep things rolling this weekend against divisional foe Tampa Bay. And while the Bucs may have looked like a team to just walk all over a few weeks ago, they have now won three in a row, including a huge win last weekend against Detroit. Carolina won this matchup 31-13 in Week 8 when the two teams played. But with the momentum they’ve been carrying lately, they’ll hope for a much better effort this weekend. Cam Newton has gotten quite the criticism during his career for not being a leader on the field. But with two impressive fourth quarters in the previous two games, Newton looks to be much more mature on and off the field. Mike Glennon has been credited with the recent success of the Bucs and, while it may be too little too late for their season, it could have greatly increased his value going forward as an NFL quarterback. He has thrown touchdowns in each of his first eight games for the Bucs, the first quarterback in the NFL to do so for his team. Considering the big win over Detroit and their current streak, the Bucs certainly deserve more credit than earlier in the season. But with the Panthers being one of the hottest teams in the league, they’ll be looking to send Tampa back to reality.


The Bears missed out on a huge opportunity last weekend to make moves in the NFC North. Their loss to the Rams was their third in the last four games. Luckily for them, no other team in the division made a move last weekend either. The Vikings played to an usual tie against the Packers last weekend, which is likely a win in their book considering the woes they’ve had all season. It’s likely that Josh McCown will again start for the Bears in place of Jay Cutler, who won’t be rushed back too quickly until he is really needed. Christian Ponder had one of his better games of the season last weekend for the Vikings. He went 21-30 for 233 yards. The first time these teams met, a 31-30 win in week two, Ponder threw for 227 yards and a touchdown. The Bears have won seven of the last eight against the Vikings, which they’ll hope to continue on Sunday. Depending on how the Lions do against Green Bay on Thanksgiving, the Bears are hoping to find themselves tied for, or in sole possession of, first place in the NFC North. The Vikings are a one-point favorite in this one, as they’ll hope to get their third win of the season.


The Cardinals will look to continue their streak as one of the hottest teams in the league against the Eagles this weekend. But winners of four straight, the Cardinals are no longer under the radar like they were just a few weeks ago. Instead, they find themselves in contention of the NFC West and coming off a huge 41-11 blowout over the Colts. The Eagles were also hot, winning three in a row, before heading into their bye week. With the Cowboys win on Thanksgiving, the Eagles will need to win to stay in contention in the division that was one of the most embarrassing at the beginning of the season, but it looks to be heating up in an interesting way. The Eagles will surely be keeping an eye on how the Cowboys do on Thanksgiving, though they’ll want to get a win either way. The Cardinals will need a win to try and keep pace with the 49ers and if they hope for any chance to keep up with Seattle. The Eagles are a three-point favorite in this one, and it could be one of the more entertaining games of the entire weekend.


Though the teams may not have records to show it, another interesting game is going to be the one between the Dolphins and Jets. Both teams are at 5-6 and are still considered in the hunt for the Wild Card spot in the playoffs. On the other hand, a loss would likely put either of these teams out of contention and just out of reach of the other contending playoff teams. The Jets are coming off back-to-back losses for the first time all season, after alternating wins and losses for the first nine games of the season. They’ll hope to stop that streak before it turns into a slide against a Dolphins team that lost last weekend against Carolina. The Jets are a slight one-point favorite in this one. However, it’s also important to note that these two teams will play again with the final game of their seasons. Geno Smith will start for the Jets and Ryan Tannehill will continue on as the starter for the Dolphins.


Coming off a huge win over the Broncos, the Patriots will hope to avoid any type of hiccup against a dreary Houston Texans squad. While the Patriots are making their season a memorable one that they’ll hope to finish strong as they attempt to sneak into the top spot in the AFC, the Texans season can’t end soon enough. After winning their first two games of the season, the Texans have gone on to lose a franchise worse nine straight, including last weekend against an equally lowly Jacksonville Jaguars squad. The Patriots are a nine-point favorite in this one, a spread that they’ll hope to cover, and then some, to show the league that they can come off a huge win against the Broncos with an equally impressive win against a lower-tier team. It’s nearly unimaginable to see that these two teams met in the playoffs last year in a 41-28 win for the Patriots and now the seasons they’ve had this year. However, we’ve seen much more surprising outcomes this season, so the Patriots will have to keep that in mind so they don’t get surprised in this one.


With a weekend full of great games, it’s only fair that there are some games that probably won’t garner much attention. One of those is the matchup mentioned earlier between the Jags and Browns, and the other is the matchup between the Falcons and the Bills. The Falcons have had as equally frustrating a season as the Texans, going from first, in their division, to worst in just one season. The Bills have simply had a confusing season with no consistency at all. They’ve beat teams like Carolina and Baltimore and even took Cincinnati to overtime, but they haven’t been able to win any of the other tough games that are part of their schedule. The Bills are favored by three-and-a-half, but a win for either doesn’t have a huge impact on the rest of this season.


The 49ers were likely looking so far ahead to keeping up with the Seahawks, that they didn’t notice the Cardinals creeping up on them in the NFC West. Now, as the 9ers face the Rams on Sunday, they need a win just in order to keep pace if they hope for a second straight playoff berth. An interesting note in this one is that when these two teams played last year, Collin Kaepernick took over for Alex Smith and led them all the way to the Super Bowl. And as Kaepernick finally looked good in Washington last Monday night, he’ll look to keep that momentum going this weekend as well. Another huge bonus for San Francisco is the likelihood that Michael Crabtree will be back in uniform for the first time this season.  The Rams may be in last place in the NFC West, but that’s nothing to laugh at considering the competition in the division. Furthermore, the Rams have blown out there last two opponents, the Colts and the Bears. The Rams will look to keep that streak going for the potential to slingshot themselves into the playoff hunt in the NFC as well. Add this to the list of must-see games on Sunday, as the NFC West is going to have a great finish in the coming weeks.

+8 (-115)
-8 (-105)

Two weeks ago the Broncos welcomed the Chiefs to Denver and sent them packing with their first loss on the season. Now, both teams are coming off loses as the Broncos were defeated by the Patriots in an embarrassing second-half collapse and Kansas lost its second in a row, this time in a heartbreaker to San Diego. Both teams now sit at 9-2 and the Broncos only have the edge in the AFC West due to their head-to-head win. The Chiefs will look to equal the score this weekend with the help of their Kansas City weather and intense fans. That weather, that the Broncos will likely have to begin enduring as things change in the Mile High City, is something that has been a concern for Peyton Manning since they fell apart last weekend in 20mph winds in New England. A second loss for the Broncos would be detrimental enough to start worrying Broncos fans as the playoffs near. It would also likely take them from their top spot in the AFC and put them into the Wild Card position instead. As for the Chiefs, a third loss in a row would be a complete surprise considering the start they had to the season. The Broncos are a five-point favorite in this one, so we should in for a great one as AFC rivals test one another in an immensely important game.


While the Chiefs and Broncos are going at it in Kansas City, the Chargers will hope to follow up their huge win over the Chiefs with another against the Bengals. The Chargers are sticking around in the AFC West and will play two important divisional games against Denver and another one against Oakland in the final weeks of the season. But if they want those games to mean something, they need to start with a win over the Bengals on Sunday. The Bengals suffered two heartbreaking overtime losses before beating the Browns two weeks ago. Last weekend they had a bye-week, giving them time to plan for the Chargers in a game that is just as important to the AFC North. A few weeks ago the Bengals were atop the AFC North without anyone behind them. But now they are seeing the Steelers and Ravens stick around and make things a bit too close for comfort. Considering the Bengals will play the Steelers and Ravens in the final weeks of the season, this weekend is even more important if they plan to make the playoffs. A win for the Bengals could just be enough to get them into the playoffs. But if the Chargers can pull out the W, then we are looking at a completely different looking AFC with just a few weeks left.

+1 (-115)
-1 (-105)

A Giants and Redskins game is usually full of excitement and energy. But after a long Thanksgiving weekend, it’s possible some people may not even stay awake to watch this matchup on Sunday Night Football. After six straight loses, the Giants pulled off a four game winning streak that had everyone thinking Eli Manning was going to add another miraculous turn around to his resume. But after a loss to the Cowboys last weekend, a playoff spot may be just out of reach for the Giants. Luckily for them, they play the Redskins twice in the next five weeks. The Skins, on the tail of a spectacular rookie season by RGIII, are now 3-8 and things started getting hot in the locker room after a 27-6 loss to the 49ers on Monday night. RGIII feels like he’s being held back on some of the plays being called for him and it’s tough to tell whether or not Mike and Kyle Shannahan have the power from the front office to sit RGIII for Kirk Cousins. All in all, this has just been a tough season for the Redskins. Whoever wins this game will likely be happy to beat their division foe, but it certainly doesn’t have the meaning that it’s had in previous years. Let’s just hope it’s an entertaining enough way to end the holiday weekend.


Going back to work after a long weekend is never easy. Lucky for us, we only have to make it through Monday before a major showdown between the Saints and Seahawks on Monday Night Football. The Seahawks have the best record in the league at 10-1, but the Saints are right there at 9-2. Both teams have divisional foes nipping at their heels, so they don’t want to see any type of setback this late in the season. And, potentially most important, the winner of this game could end up clinching home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. In Russell Wilsons short career, he has continually been compared to Drew Brees. Now the second year quarterback will get a chance to see how close that comparison truly is with Brees on the other side of the ball. Brees will hope to expose a Seattle defense that will be without Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond, who will both be out this weekend. The Seahawks are a six-point favorite, but let’s hope this game is a dandy that closes out Week 13 of the NFL Season.


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