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NFC Championship Preview

NFL fans are getting used to the likes of seeing powerhouses like San Francisco and Seattle go head to head in important games. And this Sunday, it’s likely that we are going to have another memorable bout that will go down in history for the impact it makes. The game this weekend will determine who gets to play for a chance at being Super Bowl XLVIII Champions.

Both teams have split the regular season meetings that they’ve played. The Seahawks were able to win in convincing fashion back in Week 3 with a 29-3 performance. Some will argue that it was just an early time in the season so the 49ers didn’t quite have the cobwebs shaken off from the disappointment of losing in Super Bowl XLVII. Others will say that it was the home field advantage and ruckus fans of CenturyLink Field. Either way, the Seahawks were able to get put a huge stamp on that game, which would eventually be a huge factor into who would win the NFC West.

The 49ers had to wait until Week 14 to get their revenge, which came in the way of a19-17 victory at Candlestick Stadium. In that effort, the 49ers looked like a much more completed team that was starting to utilize the same tools that we’ve seen in the last two games for San Francisco.

These teams have split their matchups 13-11 in favor of the Seahawks since 2001. More recently, under the Kaepernick and Wilson eras, the two teams have gone 2-2 in the last two seasons. These two quarterbacks have rejuvenated their respective team, and have also made the NFC West one of the most dominating divisions in football history.

This weekend history and legends will be made in the NFC Championship. Collin Kaepernick will have a chance to make his second straight Super Bowl, in hopes of erasing the disappointment that came at the hands of the Ravens last year. Russell Wilson will look to be the first quarterback of a fantastic 2012 draft class to make a Super Bowl game.

The way things stand now, the Seahawks are a slight 3-point favorite. That speaks highly of the 49ers, consider the drubbing that the Seahawks put on them in Week 3. However, it has been said time and time again over the course of the last few weeks that the 49ers may be one of the more complete teams in the league right now. Getting Michael Crabtree back has opened up more options for Kaepernick, which he displayed with his aerial and ground assault last weekend. And on the other side of the ball, Russell Wilson is coming off his own string of disappointing games.

On the other hand, Marshawn Lynch proved last week that he can run over nearly any defense that is put in front of him. And that Seahawks defense doesn’t look to care who they go up against, because they know they have a good chance of stopping them.

If the Seahawks can blow the 49ers out like they did in Week 3, they will be the safe bet to go with. But if the 49ers can keep it close, or even pull the upset, we could be looking at a huge chance for betters to beat the spread on this one.

Either way, we expect it to be a heck of a game.

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