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NFL Game Odds and Preview – Free Colts vs Bengals Pick

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The Chiefs need a huge win to shake the losing streak that they’ve been on the last three weeks. Luckily for them, the Redskins may be one of the most troubled teams in the entire league right now. It’s not that the Redskins are bad, and they even have potential keys for the future. But their team is in disarray and the pressure that’s building on them isn’t good for the remainder of this year. With four loses in a row, the Redskins are officially out of the playoff race. And as we enter December, Mike Shannahan may be on the hot seat along with a handful of other coaches. What would really be a shocker is if the Redskins were able to pull this one out. Although the Chiefs have had troubles lately, it’s likely they’ll right the ship this weekend. They are only a three-point favorite, so if we see the Redskins pull an upset, which would result in there may be a whole new load of concerns for a KC team that was undefeated just a month ago.

Kansas City Chiefs
Washington Redskins

Winners of two in a row, the Ravens are looking to keep pace with the Bengals in the AFC North as they welcome Minnesota to town. At 6-6, the Ravens have to finish the season strong if they look to keep the Steelers out of reach, or, better yet, catch Cincinnati. Not bad for a team that was blown-out during the first game of the NFL season this year in a 49-27 loss to the Broncos. As for the Vikings, they got a surprise of their own when they beat the Bears last weekend. The Bears needed a win just about as bad as anyone, but the Vikings were able to win it in overtime for their third win on the season. Matt Cassel is expected to start for the Vikings, in his first game since October 13th. And Adrian Peterson will look to follow up a dominate performance he had last weekend, when he rushed for 211 yards.

Minnesota Vikings
Baltimore Ravens

After beating the Broncos in overtime two weeks ago, the Patriots had a bit of scare last weekend against the Texans. This weekend, Tom Brady and company won’t want to let things stay so close for so long, and instead close the gap even further on yet another AFC East title. The Patriots aren’t just looking to win the AFC East, but they also know that they need wins to keep putting pressure on the Broncos for the top spot in the AFC, which would give home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Browns have had one heck of an up and down season, which included a three-game winning streak earlier in the season. However, now on a three game losing streak, it’s unlikely that the Browns will get much out of the remainder of their schedule. This past week, the Browns signed former Chicago Bear and Colorado State Ram Alum, Caleb Hanie, which makes him the fourth quarterback on the Browns roster.  It’s not sure as to who will get the start on Sunday for the Browns, but at this point it’s not likely to matter. New England, in December, at Foxboro, the Browns have a lot cut out for them.

 No Line Available

A few weeks ago the Raiders and the Jets were fighting to stick around in the playoffs. Now they are both riding losing streaks and have no chance for post-season play. Nonetheless, this game could be important for the future of both of these teams. Geno Smith looks to be the future for the Jets, so a home win against the Raiders would be a great way to get back in the form of winning. Keep in mind that Smith was benched last week after the first half, but Rex Ryan has said that he’ll stick with the young quarterback for Sunday’s game. As for the Raiders, they started the season with high hopes placed in the hands of Terrelle Pryor. But after Pryor was injured, Matt McGloin stepped into the starting spot and hasn’t lost that title yet. It’s not sure as to where the Raiders will go after this year, whether it’s with Pryor or McGloin, but they’ll look at the remaining games of this season to try and figure it out. The Raiders went to MetLife Stadium on November 10, when they lost to the Giants, so let’s see if the Jets can produce the same outcome in front of their home fans. The Jets are a three-point favorite in this one.

Oakland Raiders
New York Jets

After giving the Denver Broncos the first loss of their season on October 20th, the Colts looked to be one of the toughest teams in the entire league. But as they get ready to face the Bengals on Sunday, they’ll find themselves as six-point underdogs. A lot of that may have to do with the fact that the Colts have lost two of their last four games, and their two wins were closer than some would’ve guessed as well. Part of those woes may be because of the limited protection that Andrew Luck has received in the pocket, which needs to be addressed before heading into the playoffs. With one more win the Colts can clinch the AFC South, so we can assume they’ll be able to pull that out, if not this weekend, at least in the next four weeks. As for the Bengals, they too are looking to prepare for their own playoff birth. The Bengals can also clinch a playoff spot if the cards fall their way this weekend, but they’ll need to get a win in order to stack the deck in their favor. The Bengals will look to utilize their dual-threat running back machine behind BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Giovani Bernard, against a Colts squad that ranks 28th overall in rush defense.

Indianapolis Colts
Cincinnati Bengals

There is an entirely new attitude in Philadelphia now that Nick Foles has taken over the Eagles. Since Foles became the starter, he’s had 19 touchdowns and zero picks, and more importantly, is riding a four-game winning streak. That’s the type of production the Eagles were hoping to get from Michael Vick, but they’ll be happy to get from Foles. The Eagles proved last week when they won against Arizona that they can beat tough teams. However, their previous three wins were against lowly teams like Oakland, Green Bay and Washington. A win against Detroit would really be a statement as to where this Eagles team is headed as they look to clinch a playoff birth. As for the Lions, they finally snapped a two-game losing streak when they beat Green Bay last weekend. However there are still obvious cobwebs to be worked out, considering those two loses came against Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. The Eagles are at home on Sunday, which could play in their favor in this pivotal matchup. That advantage could also be the reason that they are three-point favorites heading into Sunday. A win would be huge for Philly and a loss would be concerning for Detroit. However, it could be the exact same scenario if the tables are turned.

Detroit Lions
Philadelphia Eagles

After beating the Jets last weekend and moving into second place in the AFC East, which also means they are right in the thick of the wildcard race, the Dolphins have to feel like they aren’t getting much respect going into Sundays game against the Steelers as a three-point underdog. After all, the Dolphins are 6-6 and the Steelers are 5-7. The only problem is that those five wins for the Steelers have come in their last eight games. Winning streaks of two games in October and three games in November has the Steelers in contention in the AFC North. Sure, a lot will have to go their way and they’ll likely have to win out. But with the Super Bowl experience that Ben Roethlisberger has, that’s a reasonable request. The big note of this game may be the return of Mike Wallace to Pittsburgh. The Dolphins receiver played the first four years of his career catching passes from Roethlisberger, before being traded this past season. You can bet that Wallace will want to have a big game and show the Steelers what they are missing, and a win is a great way to do that. And for two teams that are right on the cusp on the playoff picture, this game has huge importance for both of them.

Miami Dolphins
Pittsburgh Steelers

As the playoff race heats up for a lot of teams in the league, the Bills and Buccaneers will play on Sunday with relatively little on the line. The Bills loss last weekend was crucial and they likely won’t be able to make up enough ground with so little time remaining in the season. On the other end, the Bucs were on a three game winning streak that they saw snapped last weekend by red-hot Carolina. Maybe it’s because of those recent wins that the Bucs are considered to be a three-point favorite in this one. And considering the Bucs are likely playing for respect, and the Bills are playing knowing they can’t get anywhere, this could be a good chance for the Bucs to run away with one.

Buffalo Bills
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When the NFL schedule is released in the summer before the season starts, you immediately look to games toward the end of the season and assume the impact they’ll have. The Packers and Falcons game was one of those games. However, now that we are just four games away from the end of the season, neither of these teams are where we thought they might be. The Falcons struggles have been displayed all season long. They fially got a win in overtime last weekend against the Bills, but that marks only their second W on the season. As for the Packers, they have lost four of their last five, with the fifth game being a tie. To say things have fallen apart since Aaron Rodgers went down would be an understatement. The Packers do have Matt Flynn ready to go, but talks have risen about whether or not Rodgers may be ready to get back to action. That’s quite impressive, considering it was just over a month ago that he broke his collar bone. But you can expect that if the Packers don’t win this weekend, Rodgers will get shut down for the remainder of the season. Even if they win, they’ll have to have a lot of things go in their favor to make the playoffs. And it’s likely that when that’s not an option, Rodgers health won’t be risked.

No Line Available

The Broncos may feel like they survived the toughest stretch of their season and they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Their last three games included two against the Chiefs and another against the Patriots. Still leading the AFC, things look good as they welcome Tennessee to town. What may be looking even better, is the fact that Coach John Fox is likely to return to the sideline this weekend after missing the last four weeks with a heart related issue. A win will also clinch a playoff birth for the Broncos, who will look to keep things rolling even after they clinch, in hopes of getting the top spot in the AFC. The Titans have had their own struggles as of late. They have lost three of their last four and six of their last eight. This isn’t good news for a team that started the season with a promising 3-1 record. The Broncos could be missing key defensive players like Derek Wolfe, Kevin Vickerson, Rahim Moore and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. However, when you have an offense that consists of Peyton Manning, Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker, even missing those key players on defense still makes you a thirteen point favorite.

Tennessee Titans
Denver Broncos

The Rams are likely still hot after a questionable call that resulted in a loss against the Eagles last weekend. That loss snapped the four game winning streak of the Cardinals, and also made the idea of getting a playoff birth much more difficult. However, it’s not completely out of question. A win this weekend against divisional foe St. Louis would keep the Cardinals right there in the thick of one of the toughest divisions in the entire NFL. After wins against the Bears and Colts, the Rams were brought back to reality last weekend in a 23-13 loss to the 49ers. While some could’ve made the argument that even they were in the hunt for an NFC wildcard spot, those hopes were dashed last weekend with that loss. There is a lot more on the line for the Cardinals, which could be why they are six-point favorites. Or it could be because people have finally started respecting this team and seeing what they can do on both sides of the ball.

St. Louis Rams
Arizona Cardinals

Add the Chargers to that list of teams with recent struggles that will likely result in them not making the playoffs. Before their bye week, the Chargers looked to be heating up and hoping to make a push in the AFC West. Instead, they’ve now lost four of their last five since they had a weeks rest. And yet with the same 5-7 record, a win for the Giants this weekend over the Chargers could put New York back in the playoff picture. Its no mystery as to how bad the NFC East has been this year, which has been the reason the Giants have been able to stick around. And when it comes to their previous efforts, it should come as no surprise that many people feel more confident in Eli Manning being able to catch up to Tony Romo, then it would be for Romo to keep the lead. But we’ll leave the Cowboys out of this. The point is, the Giants are still looking to salvage a season that started 0-6. They have a much better chance of making the playoffs than the Chargers do, simply because they are still trying to catch up to the Broncos and Chiefs. The Chargers are a three-point favorite heading into Sunday. A lot of that may have to do with Phillip Rivers. Despite the Chargers woes as a team, Rivers has completed a league-high 70-percent of his passes and has a QBR of 104.4. There seems to be much more on the line for New York on Sunday, so we’ll see if that plays into the final result at all.

New York Giants
San Diego Chargers

Coming off a blowout over the Saints, the Seahawks will look to continue their dominance over NFC teams who think they have what it takes to run with them. The 49ers, on the other hand, will look to break the two-game winning streak that the Seahawks have over them, including an embarrassing loss on Sunday Night Football earlier this season. The 49ers also have to win to keep enough of a cushion between them and the Cardinals, who are hoping a win of their own can pull them a bit closer in the divison. San Francicso will also try and keep in mind that this isn’t the same team that lost to the Seahawks in their previous two-attempts. They now have Michael Crabtree back, who went for 68-yards in his season debut against the Rams last weekend. This game will also be played at Candlestick Park, instead of the never-easy CenturyLink Field in Seattle. Despite the recent successes of the Seahawks against San Francisco and their league best 11-1 record, they’ll be the underdog on Sunday. The 49ers are favored by three, and they could use a win to get some momentum with the NFC Playoffs around the corner.

Seattle Seahawks
San Francisco 49ers

The Seahawks and 49ers game is like to be a great NFC showdown. But the Saints and Panthers game may steal the weekend for best in show.  For years, the Panthers have been the doormat of the NFC South, watching the Saints, Falcons and Bucs have individual success. But things are completely different in Carolina this year. Powered by an insanely tough defense and Cam Newton on offense, the Panthers are riding an NFL-best eight game winning streak. The Saints are coming off a loss to Seattle, in which they had an extremely difficult time moving the ball against a tough Seahawk defense. If they think things are going to get any easier with the Panthers, they are dead wrong. The Panthers boast the best defense in the league, as they are sixth best against the pass and second best against the rush. Drew Brees will look to expose this defense and show that they are still a young team with a lot of learning to do. Both teams are 9-3 and a win this weekend puts them in the top spot in the NFC South. But what may be even more exciting, is that no matter who wins, we’ll get to see them go at it again in two weeks in Carolina. This may be one of the biggest games in recent history for the Panthers, and fans are likely to be in for a treat to end the Sunday games for Week 14.

Carolina Panthers
New Orleans Saints

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Free Pick-

Current line is:

Indianapolis Colts
Cincinnati Bengals


Take the Colts +7

The colts might win this game outright in a surprising win. Either way, I do not anticipate this game being a blow out and the colts should cover the 7. If you want added insurance, buy the half point and get them at plus 7 1/2.

Final Score  Cincinnati 28 – Colts 24

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