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NFL SuperBowl: Seahawks (+3) vs Broncos

We’ve waited all season, and finally the time is almost here. Super Bowl XLVIII is certain to be one for the ages as the Denver Broncos (13-3) and Seattle Seahawks (13-3) go head to head on Sunday, February 2nd. The game pits the two top teams from their respective conferences, in a showdown between a might offense and a fearless defense.

Ever since the Broncos signed Peyton Manning two years ago, the football world has wondered if he would be able to come back from neck surgery and lead his team to a Super Bowl. Well after a 5,477 yard and 55 touchdown season, things look to be just fine for the long-time Indianapolis Colt who some said would be finished after his surgery.

Then on the other side of things, you have a quarterback that people said was too small. So despite his stellar time as a Wisconsin Badger, Russell Wilson fell to the third round of the NFL Draft. However in just his second year, Wilson was able to throw for 3,357 yards and 26 touchdowns.

The Broncos offense has also gotten a surprising season from Knowshon Moreno. The former first-round pick nearly saw his time in Denver come to an end behind Willis McGahee in previous years. However, this year Moreno has run for 1,036 yards on 241 carries. It also doesn’t hurt that the Broncos have a trio of receivers in Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker, as well as a emerging tight end in Julius Thomas for Manning to throw things too.

For the Seahawks, there is no surprise that they want to put the ball in the hands of Marshawn Lynch and let him run opposing defenses over. He has run for 1,257 yards this season on 301 carries. Though much of his efforts seem to increase tremendously in post-season games, and he looks like an entirely new Best Mode in the Divisional and Conference Championship games.

But where the Seahawks really shine is on defense. This is the number-one ranked defense in the league, as they’ve held opposing quarterbacks to only 172 yards per game and rushers to just 101.6 yards per game. They will need a huge effort from the likes of Richard Sherman and the rest of that secondary to slow down one of the best quarterbacks to play the game.

It is likely that we could be looking at a stalemate as the Broncos offense and Seahawks defense go head to head with each drive. However, the Denver Broncos defense will have to make sure that they too can keep the Seahawks offense out of their end zone. With a Denver defense that has been suspect this season, especially now that they are missing Von Miller, this could be the X-factor in Super Bowl XLVIII.

The way things stand right now, the Broncos are a slight 3-point favorite. But in order for that to come true, they will need Peyton Manning and company to expose the Seahawks defense like nobody else has been able to do so far this year. If the Seahawks can shut down that prolific Denver offense, as well as mount some offense of their own, we could be looking at the Seahawks winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

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