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Sports Betting – Money Management – Bankroll Winners

Now it’s Tuesday after the opening week and the following results took place:

$118 to win $107 on FloridaState – Lost

$236 to win $215 on Texas – Won

$236 to win $215 on Stanford – Won

$118 to win $107 on NY Giants – Lost

$236 to win $215 on Green Bay – Won

$118 to win $107 on Kansas City – Won

$236 to win $215 on Seattle – Lost

You took home a net profit of $280.  Great start!  You now have a bankroll going in to week two of $6,780 which means you have a cap of $1,356 (20% of $6,780) to bet with.  You apply the same math throughout the season to determine your weekly bankroll and unit sizes.

This prevents you from ever becoming overexposed on any one play.  There is no such thing as a guaranteed winner.  No matter how much you convince yourself that TampaBay is a lock, DO NOT bet more than what your bankroll allows. Have the discipline to stick with your money management plan.  You will be rewarded for doing so in the long run.

Remember to stay focused on long-term success.  Don’t get greedy and try to hit big early or build your bankroll too fast.  That will get you in trouble.  Let’s keep things in perspective when it comes to what success is in sports betting.  If you took that $6,500 bankroll you set aside for sports betting and deposited it into a bank savings account then you would be looking at earning a 2% return, or $130 profit, for the year.  Or if you invested in mutual funds or a hot stock and earned a solid 10% return that would be a $650 profit.

2 comments on “Sports Betting – Money Management – Bankroll Winners
  1. Frank says:

    Will you be giving out your picks with the spread for NFL games for free.
    If not how much will you charge?.I found you plan very sound and would
    like to follow you this NFL season.
    Thanks Frank.

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