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Yet many bettors feel like they are not successful if they are not making thousands of dollars in profit which would be a totally unrealistic return in any other type of investment.  Keep your expectations in check and stay focused on true long term success.  Don’t be in such a hurry to get there though because a cold streak will hit and only a solid money management plan you will keep you in the game.

Betting on sports can be streaky in nature.  Sticking to the plan allows you to bet more when you are winning and scale back when you are not.  As you build your bankroll your unit sizes will increase and your profits will as well.

These principles are easy to commit to before the season starts.  I can promise though you will be tested throughout the season.  Your bookie and the sportsbooks are counting on you to lack discipline and/or let greed get the best of you.  Be a real player and stay true to principles described here.

Winning sports picks combined with a proven money management plan will turn you in to the successful sports bettor you’ve always wanted to be.

Thanks for your time and I’ll see you at the betting window.


Johnny Crain

Las Vegas Legend


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  1. Frank says:

    Will you be giving out your picks with the spread for NFL games for free.
    If not how much will you charge?.I found you plan very sound and would
    like to follow you this NFL season.
    Thanks Frank.

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