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Week 10 NFL Preview with Game Odds and Insight – Free NFL Pick for Insiders

The luckiest team in the NFL this weekend is the Tennessee Titans. Despite getting a win last weekend over St. Louis, the Titans previously saw three-straight losses that put their season in jeopardy. However after there win last weekend over the Rams, and with a game this weekend against winless Jacksonville, they Titans have a chance of getting above .500 before they face Indy next weekend. The Titans are as much as a 12-point favorite in this game, which they could easily cover if Chris Johnson plays like he did last weekend, and Jake Locker runs the offense in even the most modest of ways. The bottom line is that Jacksonville had very little to offer last weekend, and now they even have less. After missing the first handful of games to start this season, Justin Blackmon had two monster games before it was announced this week that he would be suspended for the rest of the season for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. Consider the fact that the Jags other top pick in recent years was Blaine Gabbert, and you have to wonder what the Jaguars have  been doing with their draft picks lately, and what they plan to do in the near future. Bottom line is that we wouldn’t have given the Jags much of chance with Blackmon, so those chances diminish even more now that he is gone.

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Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans

The Green Bay Packers have had an already disappointing start to the month of November,   which is a bummer for cheesehead fans who were excited about the teams October success. But in the midst of their Monday night loss to the Bears, the Packers also lost Aaaron Rodgers for what looks like might be as long as an entire month with a broken collarbone. That timeline actually doesn’t sound too bad, considering the severity and importance of the collar bone in a quarterbacks throwing motion. Nonetheless, it doesn’t come with good timing, considering the Eagles are on their way to town. But even with Seneca Wallace planned to start for the Packers, they still remain a slight favorite over the visiting Eagles. This might be surprising consider the headlines that Nick Foles made last weekend after passing for seven touchdowns. But when it was announced that even that performance may not be enough to keep Foles as the starter of this team, many around the league started to wonder what Chip Kelly’s goals for this team were. It’s likely that Foles will start, as Michael Vick still is hurt with a hamstring injury. However, this could be the right time for the Eagles to be facing the Pack. Coming off a short week and without Rodgers, you can expect the Packers offense to not be completely confident this weekend. That could be the exact break that the Eagles need to notch their second win in a row, which would put them back at .500. If the Packers are truly the better team, they should win this one. But with everything going the way they have lately for Green Bay, this could be the perfect chance for the Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles
Green Bay Packers

The Steelers may be finally breathing a sign of relief as they wait for Buffalo to come to town, but this wont be your typical Steelers team beating up on the lowly Bills. Instead, at 2-6 the Steelers find themselves with an even worse record than the Bills, who are 3-6. Worst yet, the Steelers are coming off a 55-31 drubbing at the hands of Tom Brady and the Patriots. The only good news is that the Steelers at least showed signs of progress last week as they put up the most points they have scored all season. They are going to need all of that and more if they plan to beat the Bills, who will likely get EJ Manuel back after missing the last four weeks. While the threat of a rookie who is just now returning to action shouldn’t strike fear into the hearts of Steelers fans, there is plenty of room to worry. This certainly isn’t a Steelers team that we’ve gotten accustomed to since Ben Roethlisberger became the quarterback of this team. So despite the Steelers being a 3.5 point favorite, a few bounces in favor of the Bills could easily have them leaving Pittsburgh victorious.

Buffalo Bills
Pittsburgh Steelers

Add another game to the list for ‘under achieving teams who should get a big win this weekend’ list. The Giants, who have now won two games in a row, will welcome the 3-5 Raiders to town. Much like the Steelers and Packers, this one seems like an obvious choice to go with the Giants. But with how poorly they’ve played this year, excluding their success the last two weeks, they are just too unpredictable to side with in certainty. However, Giants fans will be happy to know that they are a 7 point favorite over Oakland, who has lost four of their last six games. The one thing that may be interesting to pay attention here is how Terrelle Pryor will do playing in New York. Sure, Pryor is no superstar quarterback, or at least not yet. But he does have a certain swag about him that we’ve seen in other players that have shown very bright when playing in NYC. You can bet that Pryor would love to come into MetLife stadium during his rookie season and knock off the Giants, especially in a time when the G-Men are looking very weak. It’s easy to say that the Giants have looked good in the last two weeks and should win this game. But with as inconsistent as they’ve been this year, there is no way that’s a solid guarantee.

Oakland Raiders
New York Giants

The Colts came back with a stunning victory last weekend against a shaken Houston to prove that they can win in tough situations. Down by 18 as late as the third quarter, Andrew Luck hit TY Hilton three separate times and was able to complete the game on a game winning drive in the fourth quarter. The 27-24 win gave the Colts a two game lead over Tennessee, and they have only lost two games all season. They will look to extend that this weekend as they are a 10-point favorite over the Rams. That spread may seem a bit steep, especially considering the Rams, despite losses in their last three weeks, have played well without Sam Bradford in the lineup. Led by Kellen Clemens, the Rams were expected to tank after losing Bradford, but have kept games interesting. And although the Colts have one of the most impressive teams in the league, they have been known for letting opponents stick around. Although we assume Andrew Luck to lead the Colts to a win in this game, a 10-point spread may be a bit too deep.  And if things are close late, we all know that things could bounce either way for the Rams.

St. Louis Rams
Indianapolis Colts

This weekends game for the Seahawks is likely to be exactly what the doctor ordered. They certainly haven’t looked overly impressive in previous weeks, having less than stellar showings against Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Arizona. However, they’ve been lucky to walk away with wins and haven’t lost in nearly four weeks. The problem is, the last time they had a four game winning streak, it was snapped by Indianapolis. However, it’s unlikely for that same thing to happen this weekend. We’d love to give credit to the Falcons and give them a chance at winning this game. However, the Falcons have done nothing but disappoint so far this season. With that in mind, we can’t see the Falcons coming out with the motivation or steam that they would need to knock off a team like the Seahawks. Sure, there is the small chance that the Falcons come out looking to make a statement that they can still hang with the best in the league and this has just been a tough year, but we have a hard time imagining that they have much left in the tank for this season.

Seattle Seahawks
Atlanta Falcons

After a surprising lost last weekend to Miami in a weird game on Halloween night, the Bengals will look to win their AFC North showdown with Baltimore this weekend. Despite their difference in record, with the Bengals at 6-3 and the Ravens at 3-5, the Bengals are only a one-point favorite. This has to say something for the lack of success that Cincinnati has had in Baltimore, especially during the years that the Bengals were among the worst teams in their division and in the entire league. The Ravens will be missing Geno Atkins this weekend, which should open up things for Andy Dalton. A loss this weekend would be detrimental to the Bengals. They have a two game lead over second place Cleveland and three games over Baltimore. But with a loss this weekend, both of those teams would get within a shot of getting that top spot in the AFC North. Dalton will need to prove that he can lead his team this weekend in a tough place to play in Baltimore. And with only a one point spread, a huge win for Cincinnati would be a big boost for them.

Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens

The Chicago Bears will be happy to get Jay Cutler back this weekend as they go up against divisional rival Detroit. Both teams, along with the Packers, sit tied atop the NFC North with 5-3 records. The timing couldn’t be better for Cutler, although you can’t say that Josh McCown didn’t at least keep things smooth in Cutlers place. The Bears will hope that there isn’t any rust between Cutler and Brandon Marshal or Alshon Jeffery, especially since the two have made a name for themselves as quite the receiver combo. On the other side, you can bet that there won’t be any rust for Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson.  The Lions were off last week, but you may remember that the week previous Johnson went for 329 yards receiving on 14 catches. It’s obvious that Stafford loves going to Megatron, and you can’t blame him. As one of the best receivers in the league, he gives defenses fits and can’t be stopped. The Bears will hope to at least contain Johnson in order to take the lead in the NFC North.

Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears

The surging Panthers will get their first real test to see how well their four game winning streak is justified. The combined amount of wins of the teams they have played during that stretch was five total games between the Vikings, Rams, Bucs and Falcons. The Panthers competition on Sunday, the 49ers,  have six wins so needless to say it’s a step up in what to expect. At 5-3, the Panthers are in the playoff picture, but now that their schedule begins to get more difficult, they’ll have to keep winning if they hope to keep pace with New Orleans. While the 49ers passing game ranks among the worst in the league, which is a surprise for some who expected Colin Kaepernick to come out and light the league on fire this year, their running game is tops, averaging 153 yards. They’ll hope to keep that going against a Panthers defense that is second in the league against the run, only allowing 79 yards per game. While this may look like a good game on paper, the 49ers are still a 6-point favorite. And if they play like they have been lately, they shouldn’t have a problem, despite the Panthers equal success of late.

Carolina Panthers
San Francisco 49ers

The Texans will have the difficult task of taking the field less than a week after their second half breakdown against Indianapolis last weekend. The other headline for the Texans this week was losing head coach Gary Kubiak, who remains uncertain as to when he will return. This week, former Cowboys head coach and current Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will lead the Texans. And while they are on a current six game slide, they’ll hope to turn it around against an equally dismal Arizona squad. The Cardinals are now 4-4, but haven’t beaten anyone of prominence. The line between this game is too close to call, and the result wont have an impact on the playoff picture. But it will be interesting to see how strong the Texans come out and play for their coach, who will surely be watching as he continues to recover.

Houston Texans
Arizona Cardinals

Coming off their bye week, the Broncos will head to San Diego to play their AFC rivals. The Broncos are a seven point favorite in this game, but when these two teams go against one another, you never know what will happen. Throw in the fact that Phillip Rivers is one of only four quarterbacks to have a winning record against Peyton Manning, and all bets are off the table. Despite these stats, the Broncos do look to be one of the more complete teams in the league this year. Add in the fact that they had an extra week to prepare for the Chargers, and you’d think they’d come out prepared for whatever San Diego throws at them. But like the Texans, the Broncos will also be adjusting to their first game without their head coach, after John Fox went down with a heart ailment just over a week ago. As for the Chargers, they have certainly had a semi-productive season. But in the same conference as the Broncos and Chiefs, semi-productive isn’t going to get you into the playoffs. However, a win here would gain some much needed ground on the Broncos, especially considering the teams will play each other again in early December. The Broncos wil need to come out early and put up points against San Diego if they hope to win, because they can’t expect to keep coming from behind like they have in previous weeks. If they can do that, they shouldn’t have too tough a time with the Chargers

Denver Broncos
San Diego Chargers

The Sunday Night Football matchup this weekend has the potential of being a good one. It appears that the Cowboys have always played to their competition this year, having the game decided in the fourth quarter in their previous two contests, and three of their last five. This weekend, Drew Brees will try his hardest to make sure that the Cowboys don’t get that close. Instead, coming off a surprising loss to the Jets, the Saints have something to prove on Sunday night in the national spotlight. At times, this Saints team looks to be among the best in the league. Their offense looks unstoppable with Brees slinging the ball all over the field, and their defense has been a nice compliment this year as well. However, losing to teams like the Jets, proves that, as Drew Brees said, the Saints need to improve, and improve quickly. The Cowboys could use a huge win over the Saints to prove that they deserve their spot atop the NFC East and they aren’t just there because it just so happens that the rest of the division is all having horrible seasons. But as a seven point underdog, the Cowboys will have an uphill battle on their hands.

Dallas Cowboys
New Orleans Saints

No one expected to the Vikings and Redskins game to be as exciting as it was on Thursday night, yet it came down to a final second play that decided it all. The same will likely be said about Monday night’s game between Miami and Tampa Bay. The Dolphins started the season well before going on a four game losing streak, and only ended the slide on a safety in overtime on Halloween night against the Bengals. Even worse, the Dolphins find themselves in the middle of a bullying scandal that was started when Jonathon Martin left the team and Richie Incognito was suspended shortly thereafter. You can bet that the matchup between these two teams is unlikely to be the main storyline on Monday night, but instead the drama that is unfolding in the Dolphins locker room. The Bucs, despite being three point underdogs, could use this distraction to try and notch their first win of the season. However, if they play like they have so far this year, it’s unlikely that they would even lose to a completely distracted Dolphins squad. This game shouldn’t be an interesting one, but Monday night games are always worth checking out.

Miami Dolphins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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