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Marshawn Lynch Holding out, Seahawks 13/2 to Win SuperBowl

Coming off their first Super Bowl Championship in franchise history, the Seattle Seahawks have 13/2 preseason odds to repeat as champions. They have what is widely regarded as the best defense in the league and their offense was led by…

MLB Playoff Race With World Series Odds

The push for the playoffs is heating up in MLB and teams are fighting it out in their respective divisions to push their seasons into October. And with the trade deadline just 5 days away, things could get even more…

Rays Making Mid-Season Push For the Playoffs

Year in and year out, the AL East is undeniably one of the toughest in baseball. This year looks to be no different, as the Baltimore Orioles lead the division with a 55-45 record, while both the Blue Jays and…

2014-2015 NCAA Heisman Trophy Odds

2015 Heisman Trophy
While the average college student is probably enjoying their summer vacation and sad to see that July is almost over, fans of college football know that the 2014-2015 season is just weeks away. This year, Sam Houston State and Eastern…

Is Kevin Love The Missing Piece In Cleveland?

Is Love The Missing Piece In Cleveland? Even before LeBron James decided to take his talents back to Cleveland, the Cavilers found themselves with a young roster full of number-one draft picks. Just a few months ago, they picked Kansas’…

Oakland A’s Get Rally In 9th For Win Over Orioles 5-4

On the first night of games after the All-Star break, two of the top teams in the American League went at it as the Orioles visited the A’s in Oakland. Despite being up heading into the final half of the…

MLB All-Star Game And Second Half Odds

Even for fans who only check in during October, the MLB All-Star game is always a magical time. Just a few days removed from Germany winning the World Cup, all sports fans have to rely on now, at least for…

NBA Free Agency Signings : Cavs 4-1 :Lebron, Melo, Bosh, Ariza, Granger, Gasol

After LeBron James decided that he’d be taking his talents back to Cleveland, the rest of the dominos began to fall in NBA free agency. Many players, and teams, were waiting on James to make his decision, which he did…

Brazil Blown Out By Germany 7-1 IN 2014 World Cup Semis

Soccer typically isn’t a sport where you’ll see eight goals in a single game. Add in the fact that two of the best teams in the world are playing and it’s more likely that the match will go to extra…

2014 FIFA World Cup Finals: Brazil vs. Germany / Argentina vs. Holland

Before the World Cup begins, there are countless levels of anticipation and excitement for one of the most watched sporting events in the entire world. And now, after a month of games, we have the final four teams that will…



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