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Brazil Blown Out By Germany 7-1 IN 2014 World Cup Semis

Soccer typically isn’t a sport where you’ll see eight goals in a single game. Add in the fact that two of the best teams in the world are playing and it’s more likely that the match will go to extra time and penalty kicks than it will be over in the first 25 minutes. However, this wasn’t the case on Tuesday when Germany delivered a shocking 7-1 blow to the home team from Brazil.

Brazil started this tournament as odds-on favorites to win the entire thing. But as Germany rolled through Group play and had and easy time in their second and third round matchups, both teams were at 13/5 odds to advance and win the World Cup. Despite some of Germany’s great play as of late, much of the change in odds also likely had something to do with the fact that the Brazilian team would be missing two of their stars, Neymar and Thiago Silva, and their absence was quite noticeable on Tuesday night.

Germany got on the board early, as Thomas Müeller scored just 11 minutes into the contest. And while the Brazilians looked noticeably stunned, as they had to play from behind, they were able to control the ball and put on a steady offensive attack.

That is, until Miroslave Klose got the ball in the penalty box at the 23’ mark and sent home a shot past Jülio César. But two goals weren’t enough for Germany, as they then stormed down the field and Toni Kroos scored just moments later.

Just 24 minutes in and down by three goals, the entire Brazilian team, and all of their fans in attendance, looked visible shocked as they could see their World Cup dreams slipping out of their hands.

But while everyone was looking for some sort of answer as to how this game got out of hand so quickly, the Germans kept rolling and Kroos would score his second goal in a row. And before fans could catch their breath, Sami Khedira would put in the fifth goal of the half in what would turn out to be one of the most lopsided loses in Brazilian World Cup history.

Substitute André Schurrle would score two more goals for Germany in the second half before Oscar put Brazil on the board in the closing seconds. But by this time it was more about the disappointment of a country rather than the excitement of avoiding a clean sheet.

But what may be even more interesting than Brazil’s defeat could be how great Germany looked. The team that now finds them as 8/11 favorites to win the entire World Cup, no matter who is placed in front of them, have a ton of stars that can score and do so in a hurry. The scary part is that Mesut Ozil didn’t even score in this contest, and he’s widely regarded as one of Germany’s top players.

Germany will now sit back and wait to see who they will face in their first World Cup final since 2002. Ironically, it was that year that they lost to Brazil. While they certainly won’t consider a win in the semifinals as the perfect revenge, a tournament win on Brazilian turf would certainly be icing on the cake.

After Holland and Argentina play for the second spot in the World Cup final, be sure to check in with sportspicks.com handicappers for insight and information into the last game of the tournament. It’s been a great one thus far, so we hope the final two games is equally as enjoyable.