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Clippers Improve with Granger and 12-1 to win the NBA Championship

While some teams in the West like Oklahoma City have struggled since the All Star break, the Los Angeles Clippers have had one heck of a week. Not only did they knock off the Thunder, Pelicans and Rockets over the last seven days, but things may have even gotten better on Thursday night. It looks like Danny Granger, who was traded from the Pacers to the 76ers at the trade deadline and then subsequently released by Philly, is interested in signing with the Clippers.  This would be a huge deal for the Clippers, who are seriously beginning to look like they might be the top contender in the conference in 2014.

Granger was courted by multiple different contenders. Once the staple of the Pacers organization, he had a series of injuries that gave way to Paul George, who eventually became the go to guy for that team. After being released by Philadelphia earlier this week, the Spurs, Rockets and Mavericks were all interested from the west and Miami was interested in adding him in the east. Knowing that Granger and LeBron James have had their fair share of scuffles over the last few years goes to prove how valuable an asset Granger can be, considering they are willing to bring him into the Heat locker room. And as great as it would’ve been for the NBA if Granger would’ve signed with Miami and eventually played against the Pacers in the playoffs, fans in LA have surely got to be happy about the addition.

The Clippers also signed Glen Davis earlier this week. Big Baby was released by the Magic and immediately picked up just days later by the Clippers, who may want to change their nickname from Lob City to Experience City.

Los Angeles currently finds itself sitting four games back of Oklahoma City for the top seed in the west. And considering they are on a current three game winning streak and the Thunder on a three game losing streak of their own, things could get interesting here in the coming weeks.

Also ahead of the Clippers are the Spurs and Trailblazers. And while we won’t see a matchup between San Antonio and LA for the remainder of the year, the Clippers will play the Thunder and the Trailblazers once each. There is also a game against the Rockets thrown in their, and two matches against Dallas. The Mavericks currently sit at the six spot in the west and the matchups they play could be a preview for the playoffs.

Granger hopes to suit up for the Clippers as early as Saturday when they play the New Orleans Pelicans. The two teams played just a week ago and the Clippers won 123-110. That game was in New Orleans, but now the game will shift to LA where the Clips will hope to display a new look roster with Granger on it.

The Clippers have moved to 12/1 odds after knocking off Houston earlier this week. They’ll hope to improve those odds even better as they continue out the remaining few months of the season with more veteran experience to fill the depth of their bench.