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Cowboys Outlast Giants In NFC East Sunday Night Battle 31-28

Eli Manning and his New York Giants may not be Super Bowl contenders this season, but their Sunday night matchup against Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys certainly made for one of the best games we’ve seen thus far in 2014. We saw an early lead turn into a late collapse, a catch that is being called one of the greatest ever, and fantastic performances from quarterbacks on both ends of the ball. Here’s a recap of the excitement that was the Sunday Night Football matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants.

The Giants have had a forgettable season. After the loss on Sunday, the fell to 3-8 on the season and they find themselves at 1000/1 odds to win the Super Bowl. After starting the season 3-2, they’ve dropped six games in a row. Not only would they need to win every game from here on out to make the playoffs, but they’d also need a whole lot of other things to go their way as well.

But despite all of the troubles they’ve faced, that didn’t stop Eli Manning and company from bringing everything they’ve got on Sunday. Manning finished the day with three touchdowns and 338 yards on 29/40 passing.

Manning has found a new favorite target after the injury to Victor Cruz earlier in the season. Odell Beckham Jr. is just a rookie, but he’s already making grown man plays.

Manning and Beckham connected on a three-yard pass for the first score of the game as the Giants took the 7-0 lead. They’d connect again on the first play of the second quarter in what was arguably the best catch on the season. Manning would launch the ball 41 yards downfield, and Beckham would catch it one-handed and falling backwards while being pulled down into the end zone. The result was a 43-yard touchdown and a flurry of internet memes that replayed the excellent catch.

After the score, the Cowboys could come back and Tony Romo hit Jason Witten with a 4-yard touchdown pass. However, just three minutes before halftime, the Giants would score again and it looked like momentum was completely on New York’s side.

Then the second half started.

If the first half began to Eli and ODB for the Giants, the second half was all Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. First Romo hit Cole Beasley for a 45-yard pass at the 6:35 mark in the third quarter. Two drives later, he’d then connect with Bryant for a 31-yard pass that resulted in the Cowboys first lead on the day. The Giants would score again to take the lead late in the fourth, but with just a minute left in the game Bryant and Romo would connect for a 13-yard pass that would be the difference maker.

The end result was a 31-28 win for the Cowboys, and a ton of highlight reel material that you’ll be sure to see on TV in the coming days.

Romo finished the day with 4 touchdowns and 275 yards on 18/26 passing. However, what may be the most impressive stat of all is the fact that he led a late comeback that kept his Cowboys tied atop the NFC East at 8-3 with the Eagles.

The Cowboys have now won two straight and you can see a bit of momentum building with a hard fought win like this. They’ve improved to 18/1 odds to win the Super Bowl, which is best amongst NFC East teams. Next week they will face the Eagles and the winner will take sole possession of the NFC East. Be sure to keep up with sportspicks.com for handicap insight and information into that matchup.

As for the Giants, this is a tough one to stomach. The good news is that it looks like Beckham Jr. could be a staple for this Giants offense for some time to come. The other good news is that next weekend the Giants will play a 1-win Jacksonville team, followed by a 2-win Tennessee team in two weeks. The bad news is that with a 3-8 record, they might already be looking forward to changes to come in 2015.