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Denver Broncos Loose to San Diego But Will They Win Superbowl

Peyton Manning doesn’t need much time to score touchdowns. But on Thursday night, when the Chargers possessed the ball for a total of 38:49 and the Broncos only had it for 21:11, there was no one that Manning get things rolling like usual. The end result was a 27-20 San Diego win that makes the AFC playoff picture get even more interesting with just a few weeks left.

The Broncos came out strong, scoring a touchdown on their first drive and a field goal on their second. But after that, things just slowed down to a snail-like pace. In return, the Chargers were able to hold onto the ball, while putting up 14 in the second quarter, a touchdown in the third and a field goal in the fourth.

If you were watching this game, there were a few obvious plays that didn’t just hurt the Broncos, they pretty much shattered any chance they had of coming back. The first was on a fourth down that the Broncos had the Chargers pinned inside their own five and about to punt. However, the Broncos were called offside and the result would be seven more minutes of possession for the Chargers. Another huge play was the interception that Manning threw with five minutes left in the fourth, which you could see suck the emotion out of the team and the fans at Invesco Field at Mile High.

Now, the Broncos are tied in terms of loses with the Chiefs and the Patriots at three a piece. However, while the Broncos would have an advantage over Kansas City due to the two wins they have against them, the Patriots own any type of tie breaker that may happen between those teams. That could mean the Broncos having to head to Foxboro in late January, if both teams get that far. KC and New England both have three games left and the Broncos still have two. But remember this game as a huge turning point and chance for opportunity for both the Patriots and Chiefs.

As for the Chargers, the win couldn’t be any bigger. Not only is the win over one of the top teams in the league and a divisional opponent, but it also keeps them in the wildcard picture. And considering they’ve already beat Kansas City, at Arrowhead, you have to think the Chargers will be excited to see the Chiefs come to San Diego after their game against Oakland next weekend. If the Chargers can win out, which they very well could with Phillip Rivers and Keenan Allen playing the way they have, they have a great chance of making the playoffs.

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