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Derrick Rose and The Impact On The Bulls with Game Odds

Just a dozen games into the 2013 NBA season, Derrick Rose was injured yet again and will miss another full season. After missing the entire 2012 season, many people waited for the youngest MPV in NBA history to make a full-comeback and take the Bulls back to a point where they can challenge the Heat for the top spot in the East. Instead, in the third quarter against the Trail Blazers last Friday, Rose drove to the basket and was helped off the court after the play. The next morning, an MRI revealed that he’d need surgery on his meniscus in his right knee.

In 2012, Rose had ACL surgery on his left knee, which now has people wondering if he’ll be ever to able make a full comeback from two injured knees. When you hear of the injuries that Rose has sustained in the last two years, you think of the likes of Brandon Roy or Grant Hill. Promising college athletes who could never reach their full potential in the NBA due to injuries. And after winning an MVP trophy at the age of 22, Rose certainly had plenty of potential to make an impact on the league.

Instead, now Chicago must decide what they plan to do in both the short term and long term with their franchise. Going back to the 2011 season, Rose will only have played in 50 games over the three seasons as this year comes to an end. As great as Rose is and as much as he helps your franchise, you have to wonder if, even when he comes back, he’ll ever be at the same level he once was.

If you looking for the Bulls to trade and dump player, it not happening.

Not many, if any, teams will be looking to deal high draft picks when the 2014 draft class is loaded, especially at the top.

Carlos Boozer’s big contract expires after 2014-15, and he will make $16.8 million the final year. It will be tough to move his deal and get what they want in return. The Bulls could always amnesty Boozer in the offseason, but their philosophy on that has always been: “Where else are we going to get 17 points and eight rebounds a game?”

Guard Jimmy Butler is an asset, but the Bulls aren’t interested in moving him.

The Bulls have the Charlotte Bobcats’ first-rounder in the 2014 draft as long as it is not a top-10 pick, and the way the Bobcats are playing, it’s possible it won’t be. It’s also likely Chicago’s 2011 draft pick, forward Nikola Mirotic, leaves Spain’s pro league and joins the Bulls next season.

The Bulls find themselves at 6-7 and in sixth place in the Eastern Conference and in the midst of a four-game losing streak on the road. Lucky for them, the Eastern Conference hasn’t presented much trouble this year and they should be able to sneak into the playoffs with the help of Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng. However, this team certainly won’t have the potential like they did with Rose on the roster. But the question is more than what will happen this year, but also how the Bulls franchise will react with their young superstar who may have issues just playing at full-speed ever again.

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