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Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys have last minute meltdown

After Sunday’s showdown between the Lions and Cowboys, a lot of the talk after the game wasn’t as much about Megatrons near record setting performance, but rather the explosion that Dez Bryant had on the sideline in the closing minutes of the game.

After the Cowboys were unable to keep the Lions from coming back and scoring 24 points in the final quarter, which were eventually enough to edge out the Cowboys by one-point for the victory, Dez was seeing yelling at linemen, coaches and other receivers in the final minutes. Witten was shouting at Bryant late in Sunday’s loss to the Lions, trying to get him focused on the remaining 12 seconds, and Bryant fired back at him with equal vigor.

“There’s nobody I love playing with more on Sundays than Dez,” Witten said on KTCK The Ticket (via the Dallas Morning News).

“I was just reminding him there at the end there was still hope, still a chance and that he kind of just needed to let it go and let’s get focused back on these final few seconds.

“Wasn’t about getting [Bryant] the ball, . . . that’s not what kind of guy he is, . . . that’s why we love him.”

Bryant can’t take his relationship with Romo for granted.

He must treat it with respect.

“The relationship is outstanding and it’s going to forever remain that way,” Bryant said. “From the looks of it, I guess it don’t look good, but to me, it’s looks.

“Tony and I both know — and the rest of these guys know — it’s passion. It’s about going out there and trying to do what you can do.”

That’s fine as long as everyone feels the same way.

“There’s no regrets. It’s all love,” Bryant said. “Like I said, I know it looks crazy, but I promise you all it’s not.”

When you see a quarterback like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning yelling at his team, it’s motivational. When defenders yell at one another on the field, it’s just how defense plays. But the second a young receiver, who admittedly has had a troubled past, begins yelling at his teammates, he is thrown under the bus and criticized greatly for it. It’s hard to understand what makes one situation okay, while the other is considered unacceptable.

Moving forward, Cowboys fans should hope that the ferocity that Dez displayed on Sunday will carry over in future weeks. None of the media or general public was on the sidelines, so it’s nearly impossible to understand what really happened in the heat of the moment. However, in a weak NFC East division, this year could still be the Cowboys chance to make a run at least into the playoffs. Their losses have come all come to teams with better than .500 averages, and many of them have been nail-biting games. If they can find a way to harness the energy that Dez brings and keep the general public and media out of the locker room, they could make a push in the second half of the season.