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Dwight Howard Retires and doesn’t sign with the Houston Rockets, LA Lakers, or the Harlem GlobeTrotters

Who is Dwight Howard and why do I keep reading about him daily?

No, He did not sign with any team yet and I am not aware he is going to any time soon.

We all know who he is but is really that good to warrant all this attention.

I just read the Clippers are considering Dwight Howard for Blake Griffin….are you kidding me?

Are the Clippers really trying to become like the clippers of the 2000’s.

He acted like a little indecisive bitch when it came time for him to leave Orlando.

Now we keep reading and hearing more of the same. He wants to play with Chris Paul or Montana Ellis.

He got traded and took his career 58% free throw shooting percentage with him to LA.

He has averaged about 18 points a game in his career.

So what? Is he really that good? What do you think?