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2013 Established Quarterbacks To Watch


Ah, the quarterback; everyone’s favorite position. The anchor of any team that succeeds. And the punching bag whenever a team that fails. 2013 is going to be another year for quarterbacks to show what they have in hopes of leading their respective teams to the Super Bowl. But this year, its not just about veterans who have dominated the league for the last decade or more. Instead, a new breed of young gunslingers have come into the league and is ready to show what they are made of. This is our part one breakdown of the quarterbacks to keep an eye on this year and the success they are sure to have.

NO conversation of NFL quarterbacks is even started without mentioning the names of Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees. These four have been among the top of the league for over a decade and have the Super Bowl rings for those who are disbelievers.

Rodgers will be back to work as the top rated quarterback going into the season. Although the Packers came up short of their 2011 Super Bowl winning season with last year’s efforts, they look to bounce back this year at the hands of Rodgers and company.

Behind him is the quarterback that most didn’t even think would ever take another snap after neck surgery two seasons ago. However, with one season under his belt, Peyton Manning is ready to take the Broncos to places they haven’t been since John Elway was playing on the field and not in the front office. And with Von Miller suspended for 6-games, even more pressure will be on Peyton to carry his team. Pressure he is used to and will surely be fine handling.

Tom Brady isn’t supposed to be this good. I mean, after 13-season with the Patriots, he still comes to work every day and pushes his team to succeed. While receivers, running backs and even tight ends have come and gone from New England, Brady continues to find options that help him light up the scoreboard. It’s hard to imagine Brady getting any better than he already is, but that’s what quarterbacks love to do. Like a fine wine, they get better with time.

The most excited quarterback in the league this year may be Drew Brees. After a less-than-successful season last year, Brees finally gets his head coach back after Sean Payton’s one-year suspension that resulted because of Bounty Gate. Now, the two are back are ready to be reunited and start putting up numbers that has made Drew Brees one of the most prolific and dangerous quarterbacks around. Not bad for a guy that everyone claimed was too short to be drafted.

Behind these four future Hall Of Famer’s are a group of guys who hope to be mentioned among the likes of the four before them. Ben Rothelisburger is going into this season healthy and ready to win another championship for his Steeler organization. While Eli Manning is revving things up in New York, wanting to add a third ring to his hand, two more than older brother Peyton. And Joe Flacco looks to follow up his Super Bowl winning performance with another stellar season, one in which people will be watching his every move to see if he is worthy of being the highest paid quarterback in the league.

Many eyes will also be on Matt Schaub, Matt Ryan, and Tony Romo to see if they can finally get their teams to the promise land. Ryan came up just short last year, but his division looks much stronger this year. Schaub and the Texans are assumed to be one of the best teams in the league this year with the talent of Arian Foster. So if things sputter in Texas, Schaub could find himself on the hot seat. Next to him will be Romo, who has been on the hot seat for the last few years while it continues to grow hotter. However Jerry Jones seems to be set on Romo, thinking he can be the man to lead his Cowboys team to its first Super Bowl in over 15-years.

The next part of this blog post will take a look at the new breed of quarterbacks that will be looking to make a name for themselves this year, as well as a few guys who could be on the downswing of their careers.