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Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez Recap

As popular as sports are on a worldwide scale, there are few events that make the world pause and watch like a Floyd Mayweather fight. In a matchup between undefeated fighters, the world watched on to see if Canelo Alvarez could be the one to stop the money-train in its tracks. Instead, Money Mayweather walked away from this fight as he has done the rest in his career; with one more win in the record book and a whole-lot more money in his wallet.

The fight may not have been as one-sided as many people thought. After all, one judge called the fight an even 114-114 after 12 rounds. However the other two judges called its 117-11 and 116-112 for a unanimous decision in favor of Mayweather.

Unlike in previous fights where Mayweather looked timid and as if he was fighting a defensive style fight, Mayweather pushed the pace for the entire fight during this bout. This came as a surprise to most who expected Alvarez to be the one to push the pace, especially when coming into the fight weighing almost 15 pounds heavier than Mayweather. Nonetheless, the speed and precision of the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world is what set him apart from his opponent in this fight, as Mayweather landed 232 of 505 punches on Saturday night, to Alvarez’s 117 of 526.

The fans that made up the MGM Grand on Saturday were obviously in favor Alvarez in his attempts to uncrown Mayweather. But even with chanting fans on his side, Alvarez couldn’t keep up and was obviously outmatched. The one bright side for the Mexican fighter is that he is only 23-years old and has the potential of learning from this fight and continuing on to have a great career.

As for Mayweather, you may not love the way he flaunts his money or approaches his fights. You may not like the fact that he comes to the ring with Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber in his corner. And you may not like that the guy is so darn good, that you just want to see who will be the first person to beat him. But the fact of the matter is that Floyd Mayweather is one of the last dying breaths that is keeping boxing relevant. No other figure brings in the money and interest that he does and no other matchups garnish the excitement that his fights do. And after the fights, Mayweather is nothing but respectful to his opponents, showing that his pre-fight antics may truly just be to build up more excitement and drama (and in his case, money) for the fight.

For the first time in over a decade, Mayweather fought twice in one calendar year, where he netted a cool $73 million in combined winnings. This makes him the highest paid athlete in America, even if he isn’t among the most popular or looked-up-to figures in athletics. Now, eyes will keep on the boxing world to see who Mayweather will fight next and whether or not that person will be the next “one” who could potentially dethrone the champion. Until then, expect Money Mayweather to keep going about business as usual. And until stops him, he has earned that right.