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Four Things To Keep An Eye On During The 2013 NFL Season

Four Things To Keep An Eye On During The 2013 NFL Season

As the end of August rolls around, a sudden pleasure begins to fill the world while an immediate drop in productivity strikes businesses around the world. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s football season again and 2013 expects to be a year that will only continue to grow the popularity of the game with countless storylines. Here are some things to keep an eye on in 2013.

RGIII vs. Andrew Luck
Last years top rookie quarterbacks left no disappointment among their loyal fans. While both RGIII and Andrew Luck came into the league hyped up and expected to do well for their respective teams, it’s unknown if anyone could’ve expected them to have adjusted to the game as well as they did. The question is, can they keep up with it during their sophomore campaigns? There has been countless rookie quarterbacks that don’t adjust as teams become more aware with their skills, so eyes will be on these two to see if they remain the forerunners to represent the NFL for the next decade or more.

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Are The Seahawks Legit?
Without wanting to upset Russell Wilson at all (because the guy is as legit as they come), it’s important to throw a Seahawks topic towards the top of 2013 NFL questions. This is the year for the ‘Hawks and people across the league are expecting big things. With Wilson’s performance last year, Beast Mode being as formidable back as you can find, receivers who are looking to catch countless bombs from Russell and a defense that is expected to be among the best in the league, the Seahawks are considered to be a legit Super Bowl contender. However a slumping sophomore season for Russell or any off the field distractions from Bruce Irving or Beast Mode can surely derail the entire year for Seattle. But chances are Coach Carroll has the Seahawks ready to go and stampede throughout their schedule.

What’s Left For Tebow?
It’s amazing that just two years ago you couldn’t watch an NFL game without hearing about Tim Tebow. And while he still is a household name and sells jerseys everywhere he goes, the entire world knows he won’t be edging out Tom Brady anytime soon. So the question is, what will happen for Tebow? Will he convert to tight end (apparently the Patriots need one of those now) or fullback? Or will he look to learn as much as he can from Brady and keep working towards being a quarterback? The Tebow saga doesn’t look to be loosing any steam and it’ll be important to keep a close eye on it in New England.

No Dancing?
Commissioner Goodell isn’t making himself any more fans (if he had any to begin with) as each offseason passes. It’s still uncertain what Goodell is trying to achieve with all of the rules he is imposing, but by severely limiting celebrations in the league this year, it’ll be interesting to see how fans and players react to that. After all, emotion is part of what makes the NFL the most exciting game in the world.

No matter what unfolds over the season, there are certain to be stories and headlines that make their way to every front page in the nation. But some of the best to keep an eye out for are those here.