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Is Stanford the Real Deal for the BCS Championship

The Case For Stanford In The National Championship by Nick Travels

After the Stanford Cardinal toughed out a win against Oregon last Thursday, everyone waited for the new BCS rankings to be released this weekend. As many expected, Alabama remained at number one, while Florida State moved to number two, Ohio State went to number three and a one-loss Stanford is ahead of undefeated Baylor. The Ducks, who have now lost to Stanford two years in a row, fell to number six. The question now is, whether or not the Cardinal deserve a shot at the National Championship.

Before you go and say that you can’t give Stanford a shot if they have a loss when Florida State and Ohio State both remain undefeated, keep in mind that Stanford has one of the hardest schedules in the entire nation. Five of the Cardinal games this year have been played against top-25 teams, more than FSU (3) OSU (2) and even more than Alabama (3). And despite the surprising and disappointing loss for the Cardinal against Utah on October 12, Stanford remains unblemished and were blowing out then-ranked #2 Oregon, before the Ducks came back in the last half of play.

Sure, in the case if FSU or OSU wins out, they will likely get their chance at the National Championship (we’re assuming ‘Bama will also win out). But if there has ever been a case for a NCAA football playoff, this is the year. There are simply too many good teams with minor blemishes on their schedule. And although you can make this case every year, it’s hard to argue that a team from the SEC or Big Ten, deserves a spot over the Pac-12 or Big 12.

That’s right. The other problem in this equation is that Baylor, who was on nobody’s radar at the beginning of this year, is also undefeated after eight games. And while they only have one win against a top-25 team, that was a 41-12 shellacking of Oklahoma. On November 23, the Bears will get another major test against Oklahoma State, who are currently ranked 12th. And if their undefeated record isn’t enough, Baylor has put up 70-points or more in four times this season, and have other tallies of 69, 59 and 41.

Things are sure going to get interesting in the following weeks. FSU and OSU will need to have impressive wins in their remainder games, and hope that Stanford doesn’t continue to impress it’s own record. Because if they do, then they will continue to make their bid as to why they deserve to represent their conference in the title game in January

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