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Million Dollar Challenge Rules

Sportspicks.com Million Dollar Challenge Rules and Regulations

  1. The Million Dollar Challenge is based on picking winning teams against the contest lines provided by Sportspicks.com.
  2. Contestants must select six teams each week to cover the spread and will designate one team as their “Lock of the Week”. The “Lock of the Week” will be the contestant’s most confident pick for that week and will count double in the standings.
  3. Each winning pick will be awarded one point. The “Lock of the Week” pick will be worth two points for a winning selection.
  4. Contest winners will be determined by the total number of points accumulated during the NFL regular season.
  5. The contestant with the most points at the end of the season will be the $10,000 Grand Prize winner.
  6. The contestant that selects a winner on his or her “Lock of the Week” selection for all 17 weeks of the NFL regular season will be awarded ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
  7. Contestants must submit their weekly selections on the Sportspicks.com website by Saturday night 7:00 pm EST each week. This time deadline will be strictly enforced. No picks will be accepted after the weekly deadline.
  8. The weekly contest lines will be provided by Sportspicks.com each Wednesday morning. The contest lines provided will be locked in for the week and will NOT change.
  9. Thursday night games will not be eligible for the contest.
  10. Weekly selection cards for all contestants will become available to all other contestants on Sunday morning prior to kickoff of the first game.
  11. A MAXIMUM of 1,000 total entries will be accepted for the Million Dollar Challenge. After 1,000 contestants have registered no more entries will be accepted.
  12. Each contestant is limited to ONE entry. No individual may have multiple entries.
  13. Entry deadline is Saturday, September 8, 2014 at 7:00 pm EST.
  14. In the event of a game cancellation or postponement the game must be played by Tuesday of that week to be applied toward contest standings or the contestant will be awarded zero points for that game.
  15. The NFL regular season must consist of all 17 weeks in order for the Million Dollar cash prize to be awarded. If the regular season is shortened to less than 17 weeks, the Million Dollar cash prize will not be awarded.
  16. The Million Dollar prize is fully insured by Odds On Promotions.
  17. After the final winners are posted, a five (5) day verification period will be allowed. Any disputes with the contest and results or prize allocation must be provided to management in writing within this verification period. At the end of this time, the Million Dollar Challenge results will be declared official. In the event of a dispute, the decision of management is final.
  18. By entering the contest, each individual contestant grants permission for Sportspicks.com to use his or name and photograph for publicity purposes.  If you need to reach us by mail please send all inquiries to 8510 Burning Hills Dr, Houston, TX 77071.
  19. All Sales are Final

Tie-Breaker Rules

  1. If multiple contestants end the season tied for first place then the tie-breaker for the $10,000 Grand Prize will be most points in Week 17 of the NFL regular season. If multiple contestants remain tied after this tie-breaker then the next tie-breaker will be most points in Week 16 and so on until we have one winner. If multiple entries scored the exact same point totals for all 17 weeks of the season then the cash prize will be divided equally between the contestants.
  2. The end-of-season tie-breaker rules will only apply to the $10,000 Grand Prize. If multiple contestants tie for any other cash prizes then the cash prize will be divided equally among the tied contestants.
  3. If multiple contestants tie for weekly high score the tie-breaker used for the weekly cash prize will be the “Lock of the Week” selection. The entry that won their “Lock of the Week” pick by the largest margin will be determined the winner. As an example: Contestant A picks Baltimore -6.5 as his “Lock of the Week” and the Ravens win by 10 (margin of 3.5 points). Contestant B picks Houston -3.5 as his “Lock of the Week” and the Texans win by 14 (margin of 10.5 points). Contest B is ruled the winner of the weekly cash prize because of the larger margin of victory. If multiple teams are still tied after this tie-breaker then the weekly cash prize will be divided equally among the tied teams.