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New York Knicks vs Indiana Pacers

When a team that plays in one of the biggest cities in the world is having a historically bad year, there are few better ways of getting everyone’s attention than by signing one of the biggest names on basketball to your front office. And this past week, that is exactly what the New York Knickerbockers did when they named Phil Jackson as their president of basketball operations on Tuesday. And while some are thinking that the remainder of this year and even some of next year may be lost for the Knicks, they are currently riding the second longest winning streak in the NBA, winning their past six games. But after beating up on a handful of teams with sub-.500 records, will the momentum that they’ve gained since the start of March be enough to have them make a push for the playoffs? We’ll get a much better idea on Wednesday night when they host the East-leading Pacers.
Despite the Pacers having a bit of a hiccup that included a four game losing streak when March started, things have seemed to of turned around and they have now won four in a row and 9 of their last 13. The irony that is dominating the headlines at the top of the East is that it appears that when the Pacers go cold and on a losing streak, so do the Heat. But now that the Pacers have been hot, the Heat have had their own two-game winning streak as well. You can imagine that the Heat would love to see the Knicks continue their winning streak with a win against Indiana, as that would allow them a chance to get that much closer for the top spot in the conference.
While some people may be expecting 2016 to be the year of championship aspirations in New York, you may want to think twice before you tell Phil Jackson or Carmelo Anthony that. After all, with as much success that Phil has had during his playing and coaching career, you should have in his mindset that he can right the ship right away. And if they can win a seventh straight game on Wednesday night, they’ll make a statement to the rest of the league that they can hang with, and knock off, the top team in the conference.
This matchup is one that gives the fans a lot to look forward to. Watching Melo and Paul George go up against one another on the night will certainly be a top highlight for the NBA.
The Pacers have already won both of the matchups that these two teams have played this season. The first game went into overtime at Madison Square Garden, when the Pacers won 103-96, and the second game the Pacers won on their home court, 117-89. The game at MSG on Wednesday will be the last on the season series for the two teams. However, if the Knicks someone make a run in the East, there is always the possibility that these two teams would meet in the first-round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs.
Sportspicks.com handicappers have the Pacers as just three-point favorites in this game. Despite the massively more impressive record, these odds likely have to do with the current upswing the Knicks are on.
As for the NBA Championship, The Pacers have dropped behind the Heat and now sit at 7/2 odds, while the Knicks, who aren’t out of it just yet, are at 1000/1.