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NFL Injuries Impacting Week 8 – Cushing, Cutler and Wayne

Updated Injury Report: Reggie Wayne out for season; Cutler and Briggs out 4-6 weeks

Despite the win for Andrew Luck this weekend against Peyton Manning and the Broncos, the young QB had to watch one of his top receivers in Reggie Wayne go down in the fourth quarter with an apparent knee injury. After the game it was announced that Wayne has torn his ACL and will miss the remainder of the season. This is a huge blow to the Colts. A team that, despite losing on Monday night to the Chargers last week, have had a strong showing all year and could’ve really used the momentum from their win against the Broncos in coming weeks. However, without Wayne the offense will change for Luck. Wayne has been a constant workhorse for the Colts, playing in the last 184 regular-season games for the team. As a player towards the end of his career, it’ll be interesting to see how this injury effects the Colts the rest of the year, and Wayne after rehabilitation.

Unlike the Colts, who were at least victorious in their game, the Texans problems only got worse on Sunday. After Matt Schaub missed the game against Kansas City with his own injury, now the leader on their defense is also out for the year. Brian Cushing suffered a broken leg and a torn LCL after a collision with running back Jamaal Charles in the third quarter. Cushing has injured this knee before, being his ACL last October. It’s also worth noting that Arian Foster was shaken up in the first quarter on Saturday, so we’ll have to keep an eye on whether or not he returns this weekend.

Another team that will have to head back to the drawing board after Sunday is the St. Louis Rams. After MRI results for Sam Bradford on Sunday, it was announced that the former first-overall pick of the Rams suffered a torn ACL in the fourth quarter of the game against Carolina. The Rams are very thin at the quarterback position, so they will begin seeing what options are out there. It may be time for the Tim Tebow rumors to start swirling, especially for a team that doesn’t have much to lose at this point in the season. However, an interesting idea would be Vince Young. The former quarterback played for Jeff Fisher in Tennessee. And although they rarely saw eye to eye, the two are familiar with one another and what to expect on the field.

It was a terrible time for the Bears to have something bad happen. However, with the injury to Jay Cutler on Sunday, it’s time for them to quickly adapt and figure out how to stay in the hunt with the surging Green Bay Packers. Cutler looks to be out for a month with a groin muscle injury he sustained on Sunday. Josh McCown has starters experience, but he certainly doesn’t have the connection with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery like Cutler does.

Broncos fans will have to keep an eye on Champ Bailey. After missing every game of the season thus far, Bailey was finally seeing action on Sunday against the Colts. Unfortunately for him, he came up lame in a collision that looked to re-aggravate the same foot that has been bugging him thus far this season. No word yet as to his condition, but it’s certainly something worth keeping an eye on.

(Tom Lynn / AP)

And lastly, a bit of good news for Packers tight end Jermichael Finley. During Sunday’s game, Finley took a helmet-to-helmet blow with Browns Tashaun Gipson. Finley was carried off the field on a stretcher and was immediately taken to intensive care. Luckily, he is out of the ICU and has regained movement. There is no word as to how long he’ll be out, but at least it looks as if he’ll make a recovery.