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NY Giants Win First Game…In Week 7

24 hours after Peyton had his first loss of the season, which quite arguable might’ve been even harder to stomach considering who it was against, there had to be some excitement when younger brother Eli led his Giants to their first win of the season. However, despite the 23-7 win, Giants fans shouldn’t get too excited or buy their playoff tickets just yet. This was a sloppy game and each team showed they have glaring weaknesses throughout.

While the fact that this was the Giants first win of the season, that storyline overshadowed the fact that this was also the first start for Josh Freeman as a Minnesota Viking. Freeman, who has been on the Vikings roster for just over two weeks, was given the starting nod over a still injured Christian Ponder and second string option Matt Cassel . Unfortunately for Vikings fan, the change of scenery for Freeman didn’t result in him getting his first win of the season. After the game, media outlets criticized the Vikings plan to have Freeman throw 53 passes during this game, of which he only completed 20. What makes this even worse is the fact that reigning MVP Adrian Peterson only had 13 carries on the evening. There is no reason that a new quarterback, who may not even have the entire playbook under his belt, should be getting that many passing options without AP getting the ball more. Especially in a game when the Vikings should’ve, and could’ve, beaten a previously winless Giants squad.

The Giants may be happy to finally get the monkey off their back, but this win wasn’t because things came together in a beautiful way. Eli Manning only had 200 yards and a single touchdown. And the leading rusher for the Giants (who happened to have the most yards for either team) was Peyton Hillis with 36 yards. In the air, Victor Cruz led the team with just 50 yards receiving. The Giants won’t complain about how they got the win, as long as the win was theirs. Now they’ll welcome Philly to town, and another potential win could surprisingly put New York back into the picture in the NFC East. There were a lot of jokes swirling around that now the Giants have gotten their first win, they’ll go on a massive streak that gets them to the playoffs. However these jokes may not be as illogical as they are humorous. Being in the NFC East, the Giants are certainly not out of it.

As for the Vikings, things don’t look good. This was supposed to be a win they could get in prime time. This was supposed to be a game that Adrian Peterson and Josh Freeman showed that the Vikings were a decent squad. This was supposed to be an easy win for the Vikings. Instead, another loss puts them further into oblivion of the NFC North. If he wasn’t already before, Leslie Fraizer is officially on the hot seat in Minnesota and the acquisition of Josh Freeman doesn’t look to be the answer to their losing woes. And with two straight games of subpar performances, we can assume that Adrian Peterson isn’t very happy with things either.

As mentioned, the Giants will play Philly next week. The Vikings, on the other hand, will get another prime time performance. This time will be Sunday night against divisional Green Bay, who looks as hot as any team in the league right now.