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Sportsbook Reviews

One of the most common questions we are asked is – What sportsbook do you recommend using? It made sense to dedicate an entire page to reviewing in detail some of the top online sportsbooks.

There are 5 key elements we focused on in reviewing each sportsbook:

  1. Personal Experience – Picking a sportsbook involves sending your hard-earned money offshores so we have to be comfortable with the company on a personal level.
  2. Reputation – Does the sportsbook have a clean and reliable history of paying their players.
  3. Customer Service – We only recommend sportsbooks that communicate exceptionally well and work with the player to demonstrate they value them as a customer.
  4. Variety – How is their betting menu? We looked for sportsbooks that provided the most betting options and opportunities available to you. The books we recommend offer the most in-game betting, props, and futures wagers.
  5. Betting Experience – Is the site user friendly and provide a good general sentiment?


Personal Experience – We have used Bovada and its sister companies for over 5 years. We enjoy everything about the site and highly recommend it. It’s secure, it’s reliable and it’s fun, but with Bovada, the experience just feels a little cooler than betting with the other sportbooks.

Reputation – Bovada’s reputation is strong now and continues to improve. Like most sportsbooks, they have gone through their share of challenges but the thing you have to like about Bovada is that they came through it clean and now they are standing as strong as ever. The fact that they are an official sponsor of professional sports leagues like the CFL (Canadian Football League) shows just how big of a brand they are these days. They have built that up on the strength of good reputation.

Customer Service – They are known for the quality of the experience betting there, then you know the customer service has to be on-point as well. While it’s easy to rave about customer service in this section, Bovada gives us a prime example of why they take care of business and earned a spot on our recommended list.

Variety – They offer it all! Bovada offers betting on every major sport and carefully steers you where you need to go each day. Find your favorite team, or odds type in a snap, whether you are betting the late baseball game on the moneyline or the quarterback props on Monday Night Football. They offer live betting and mobile betting options from a variety of smartphones and tablets.BOVADA has an unmatched variety of prop bets. You will find more betting options on Sports, Politics and Entertainment than anywhere else.

Betting Experience – BOVADA offers statistics on all major sports so you don’t need to venture far to do your research or save time and let a professional help you make money by selecting from one of our vetted Handicappers (link to handicappers). looking for trends, matchup details and game previews before going to the betting menu? and handicapping. You can always get a real, live, knowledgeable person who can help answer your questions. Security, privacy and payouts are three of the most important aspects of playing online and Bovada pledges 100% safety and satisfaction in all three areas and has independent oversight to make sure you have the best betting experience in their sportsbook.

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Personal Experience – We have used Sportsbook.com since the early 2000’s and only have positive things to say.

Sports Betting at Sportsbook.com

Reputation and Service – The payouts and service are top notch and we have never experienced any problems.

Betting Variety – Sportsbook.com has an excellent betting variety. They are loaded with props on the major North American sports and it really adds to the experience that you have more to choose from other than some basic spreads. They offer live which will keep your busy while you enjoy the game. If you’re one for entertainment props, this is definitely a place to get your fill. You’ll regularly find lines here on X-Factor, American Idol, Miss World and many other random entertainment events.

Betting Experience – hands-down Sportsbook.com has one of the sleekest, simplest, yet most enticing websites in the industry. Everything seems to be in the perfect place and a player doesn’t waste one second looking for information or betting lines. With decades of experience and expansion, sportsbook.com has mastered the art of usability and adhering to the demand of the market and of its customers.

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Personal Experience – We strongly recommend them as we have been using them for years. The ability to place your bets quick and easy is often over looked by glitz and glamour. With security and trust standing behind a good product, they should be at the top of your list when you consider opening a sportsbook account.

Reputation – 5Dimes has a pristine resume in the sports betting industry. They offer early lines, a home for players both big and small, and a cashback program option if you lose.

Customer Service – They offer amazing customer service from knowledgeable people. They are easy to contact – there’s no limited hours of operation or times where you can’t pick up the phone and talk to someone from their company. The phone numbers is highlighted right on their front page and they always welcome a call.

Variety – They posy overnight lines for almost every event, and they are unique for the fact that they allow some very diverse parlays to go through. They will also let you tease halftime lines, which is a hard-to-find option. They lack compared to Bovada (link to Bovada) and Sportsbook.com ( link to SportsBook.com) mobile and live betting functionality.

Betting Experience – It’s pretty much just a point-and-click system with checkboxes. Check off the sports you and and the lines will appear. Click it off and the lines quickly clear away. The only negative is mobile users would probably like something a little more specifically tailored to smart phones and tablets.

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