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Spurs Slump with Injuries and Loss to Rockets 90 – 97

After starting the season with a 31-8 record, the San Antonio Spurs looked to be handling business as usual. However, the last two weeks has seen results that have been anything but usual for Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and company.

Tuesday night the Spurs lost to the Houston Rockets, which was their second loss in a row after losing to the Heat on Sunday. What may be more telling is that the Spurs also lost last week to the Thunder and have lost four of their last six games. That’s right, 1/3 of their loses on the season have come in the last two weeks.

The Spurs are a team that constantly gets asked how much they have in the tank, considering they are an older team. And we’ve seen in recent years how well the Spurs do throughout the regular season, though it’s hard to maintain that consistency throughout the playoffs as well.

So are the Spurs running on fumes already this early in the season? It’s unlikely. However, the West may be looking much more up for grabs than we first thought a few weeks ago.

The 111-105 loss to the Thunder marks the third time on the season that the Spurs have lost to Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City. The two teams will play each other once more, but it’s obvious that the Thunder have the Spurs number in the regular season matchup.

The Heat showed last year in the NBA Finals that they are the more dominate team against the Spurs. They continued that streak with their 113-101 win on Sunday.

And as for Houston, the Rockets have also beat the Spurs three times on the season already, with one game left to be played between the two.

Despite the Spurs outstanding record, which has been a bit tarnished lately, they are obviously having struggles against other top teams in the West. The Spurs already are 0-2 against another top team in the conference, Portland, and will play them twice more on the season.

Currently set at 12/1 odds to win it all, should Spurs fans be worried for the outlook of the season?

When it comes to the remainder of the regular season against tough teams like Portland, Houston and Oklahoma City, it’s unlikely that you are going to see excessive amounts of effort from an aging Spurs squad. But when the playoffs begin, all bets are off. The age, maturity and experience that Duncan, Parker, Ginobili and Popovich combine for has proven to be more valuable than young talent.

The Spurs may not be the team to go with in close games throughout the remainder of the year, but don’t go counting them out on the potential to win it all come May.