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Odds to win the 2013-2014 BCS

After Stanford beat the Oregon Ducks on November 7th, there was a large commotion on whether or not the Cardinal would be able to end the season strong and get a chance at the BCS National Championship. Well all of that talk came to a dead stop when Stanford was upset by USC this past weekend. The 20-17 was more than just the Cardinal losing their shot, but it also makes the rest of the top-10 in the NCAA quite interesting.

First and foremost, the loss to the Cardinal allows Oregon to get back into the top spot in the Pac-12. While it is unlikely that Florida State, Ohio State and Baylor would all lose in the coming weeks, if that was to happen there is the possibility that Oregon may get another shot at the championship. But they will have to finish strong as well, and stay atop the Pac-12.

Florida State is another big winner as the Cardinal lost on Saturday. A lot of talk was about whether or not Stanford deserved to be ahead of FSU, because of the Seminoles relatively weak schedule. But as FSU trounced Syracuse 59-3 on Saturday, their spotless record looks more and more impressive. If they can finish the season with wins against Idaho and Florida, they will likely find their way into the National Championship.

Ohio State may be rooting for Idaho and Florida in the next two weeks, as a loss by the Seminoles would likely mean the Buckeyes would get that spot in the championship game. However, with such a weak schedule, there will be plenty of conversation as to whether or not a team from the Big-10 deserves that spot. They have only two wins against top-25 teams, one of which was a 31-24 win over, then #23, Wisconsin, as well as a 40-30 over Northwestern, which was #16 at the time.

But the team that may be making the biggest noise when final numbers are released for Bowl Season is the Baylor Bears. The number four team in the nation improved to 9-0 after their 63-34 win against Texas Tech. Baylor has to be given consideration for a few different reasons. First of all, many of their wins come with massive, massive, wins. They’ve only scored less than 59-points in two occasions this year. The rest of their games have been blowouts where they score in the 60’s or 70’s. But the other reason you can’t help but cheer for Baylor is because they started this season as a relatively unknown team. Sure, they had Robert Griffin III a few years ago, but even with RGIII as their quarterback, they didn’t have quite the season like they’ve had this year. The Bears have three games left. Those will be against Oklahoma State, TCU and Texas. If Baylor can win all of those, you can only imagine the type of commotion that will take place in the BCS.

But none of this would’ve happened, had Stanford would’ve have lost this weekend. Just as quickly as the Cardinal became darling choices to get into the National Championship game, they fell back out of it and will struggle just to win the Pac-12 and get a BCS Bowl bid. But with as much of their own fate that was in their own hands, the Cardinal will now have to rely on a handful of other teams to find out whether they’ll be bowling in January.

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Odds to win the 2013-2014 BCS National Championship
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Florida State
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