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Thursday Night NFL Football Preview – Texans -3 vs Jaguars

We are never really quite sure what to expect on Thursday Night Football.  Last week, we had a trio of Thanksgiving games that made the holiday that much more enjoyable. The week before, the Falcons were able to stay in the game with the Saints throughout remainder of the game for a 17-13 final. And the weeks before, the Colts barely edged the Titans, 30-27, despite a late rush in the fourth quarter by Tennessee. This Thursday may not generate any hype at all. We’ll be looking at two teams with only five combined wins as the Texans visit the Jags in a AFC South meeting.

The Texans are just counting the weeks until this season is over and they can begin the rebuilding process in the offseason. This has been the worst season in Texans history, which includes the ten game losing streak that they are currently on. They’ve had quarterback controversy with Matt Schaub and Case Keenum, lost their star running back, Arian Forster, to back surgery a few weeks ago, had a really scary indecent with their coach and simply just haven’t been able to catch any breaks at all this season.

As for the Jags, they waited until Week 10 to get their first win of the season. And after a loss to Arizona, they followed it up with two more wins, including one against the Texans. Now, on a two game winning streak, Jacksonville will look to get its fourth win of the season that started out with eight straight losses.

Despite the Jags recent hot streak that includes three wins in four weeks, they are still a three-point underdog to the struggling Texans. And while a lot of that may have to do with Andre Johnson, who is having a decent season among all of the struggles in Houston, you have to wonder how hyped up the rest of the team will be, come Thursday night. Not only is this a short week for practice, but it’s also against a team that they lost to just two weeks ago. Not only that, the Texans aren’t playing for much, except maybe their respect on national TV.

This game doesn’t mean much in terms of the playoffs, and there are certain to be better games on this weekend. However, when it’s the only game on Thursday night, it will hopefully bring enough entertainment to make Friday’s cooler talk be entertaining.  Maybe Andre Johnson can go off for 300-yards receiving or MJD can finally get a game above 100-yards rushing. Either way, we’ll be look forward to the games that are on Sunday this weekend.

This game does have 2014 draft implications because the team that looses will probably finish with the worst record.

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