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Tony Gonzalez to KC? Are the Atlanta Falcons out of the Playoff Race with 1-4 Record?

If things didn’t already look bad enough after their 30-28 loss on Monday night to the Jets, things now look disastrous for the Atlanta Falcons. It’s nearly unimaginable that a team that has been so steady and solid in recent years, including a trip to the NFC Championship last year, could be experiencing so many troubles this season. Especially since so many of their pieces were considered to have more experience under their belt, making them an even better team. However, after losing on Monday night the Falcons are now 1-4 and the wheels are coming off. After their loss, it was announced that Julio Jones would be out for the remainder of the season, and a shocking announcement was made that Hall Of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez may even be available for trade.

After Roddy White was injured in the loss on Monday night, not many in Falcons camp assumed that it would be anything that would be serious or take time away from the Pro Bowl receiver. However news has now come to light that he may miss this upcoming weekend’s game against the Buccaneers. This is just salt on top of the wound that is the loss of Julio Jones, who was also injured on Monday night. Jones received two doctors’ opinions this week regarding his foot, both of which suggested that surgery would be the only route to go. At the beginning of the year, many considered the Falcons to have the most prolific receiving core in the league (maybe aside of the guys in Denver), but now Matt Ryan is losing targets to pass to and this will certainly effect his performance the rest of the year.

If things weren’t bad enough for Ryan losing Jones and White, now news has come to light that he may also loss the only target that has been reliable this year. News released this week that the undefeated Chiefs were interested in bringing back Gonzalez to join them for the remainder of the season. Gonzalez has said that this year may be his last and he has made it clear he wants to make a run at a Super Bowl. Although the Falcons may have been considered to be a contender when the season started, things are looking much more opportunistic for the Chiefs at this point in the season. The Falcons have been adamant that they won’t trade Gonzalez, but we’ve all seen teams say that before and resulted in more interesting trades. If Gonzalez was to get traded, it would pretty much be a complete concession by the Falcons on how they feel about the rest of their year, which would be a major frustration for Ryan and Steven Jackson. But more so, this trade could add another piece to an already tough Chiefs team that will look to keep pace with the Broncos in the AFC West.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the Falcons in the next few days. They technically aren’t out of the playoff race and they still have time. But they certainly would need things to turn around quickly. They have a great chance to do that as they play the winless Buccaneers this weekend, who have their own problems going on.