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Why people like playing in NFL picks contests

NFL picks contests have really taken off in popularity in recent years. The most famous picks contest is the Hilton Supercontest in Las Vegas. The Hilton Supercontest has a $1,500 entry fee and had a record number of entries in 2012.  The 2013 season should be even bigger.

The only drawback to the Hilton Supercontest is that weekly picks must be made in person in Las Vegas. That makes it very difficult for most people who live throughout the United States.  

The Sportspicks.com Million Dollar Challenge offers a similar contest in an online format.

The fun part of playing in an NFL picks contest is that it typically allows football fans to feel like they have something riding on every game without having to actually make actual bets on all the games.

Some picks contests are free to enter and play all season.  Some have an entry fee you pay before the season starts and then there is no additional money that must be paid after that. You just make your picks each week and if you have a bad week, no big deal start over with a clean slate next week.

Your NFL picks for the week could go 0-5 and you wouldn’t be out all the money you would have lost had you actually placed wagers on each of your picks.

At the same time, if your football picks are doing really well then you will be performing well in the NFL picks contest that you are participating in.  The better your picks are doing the higher you will be in the picks contest standings and the more likely you are to be competing for contest prizes.

Some NFL picks contests can offer excellent cash prizes so by playing in a picks contest you get all the upside of having something to play for without a lot of the downside of risking large amounts of money if your picks do poorly.

My favorite thing about the Sportspicks.com Million Dollar Challenge is that it offers a $10,000 grand prize for the overall regular season champ.  So if your NFL picks are doing well you will be in the running for a huge cash prize.

Additionally, there is the chance at life-changing money. The odds of winning the million dollar prize obviously aren’t great but it’s like your own NFL picks lottery ticket.  You pick one team each week as your Lock of the Week.  If you win that pick all 17 weeks of the NFL season then you win a million bucks.  This is your lottery ticket that you actually have control over because you get to make your own picks each week.  This isn’t a random draw like that actual lottery.

Some NFL picks contest on the major well known websites are free to play and will have hundreds of thousands of entries.  Your odds of winning those contests are incredibly low just due to the huge number of contestants.

Sportspicks.com has designed the Million Dollar Challenge so that everyone has a realistic chance at winning.  Registration is capped at a maximum of one thousand entries. Not only do you have a chance at a winning the million dollars but you also will be competing against a limited field of entries for the $10,000 Grand Prize.